Apple’s iOS 11.3 confirmed to restore original performance on older iPhones with aged batteries

“According to some benchmarks did by iHelpBR editor Filipe Espósito on an iPhone 6 Plus smartphone running either the iOS 11.2.1 stable release or the latest iOS 11.3 beta, the performance of the device is restored to its original state when the updating it to iOS 11.3,” Marius Nestor reports for Softpedia.

“‘My iPhone 6 Plus benchmarks with and without the performance reduction. iOS 11.3 really brings back the original speed,’ says Filipe Espósito in a tweet,” Nestor reports. “It should be noted that the device’s battery is degraded, according to the new Battery Health feature in iOS 11.3.”

“Even with only 75 percent maximum capacity,” Nestor reports, “the battery of Filipe Espósito’s iPhone 6 Plus smartphone can still support normal peek performance, though Apple’s Battery Health feature recommends a new battery to fully restore the performance of the device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It works! Now, get that battery replaced while it’s still just $29!

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    1. Facebook app makes my wife’s iPhone 6 perform so poorly. I didn’t think an app could cripple an iPhone in such ways. I have no idea if its being throttled and if that’s the reason its so bad. One app I used to check says its running at full speed, I didn’t try geekbench. I hope it is being throttled because if not then there’s something very wrong with the device!
      Facebook will be the benchmark on her phone, if we end up swapping the battery.

  1. iOS 11 upgrade should not have been released. [iOS 11 is the worst upgrade ever] Since Sept 2017 my iPhone 7 Plus have had all these Crashes, Spinning Gears, Black Screens, Apps not Installing fully, Freezes etc etc and to this day, Apple cannot fix my issue. iOS 10.3.3 was Perfect without any issues whatsoever, but as soon as i upgraded to iOS 11 nothing works correctly. i do hope that iOS 11.3 Fixes this stuff.

    1. I can’t imagine what you’re talking about.

      I have 6s. It had a two-year old battery. Until recently. When it was new, its Geekbench benchmark scores were inline with the average numbers GB has for my model. When the news spread that iOS 11 was throttling, I took the scores, and sure enough, it was slowing me down to the equivalent of somewhere between 5 and 5S. When I replaced the battery (it was free, since mine was the first batch of devices where battery was recalled right away), the benchmarks shot through the roof and are now higher (!!) than nominal for my model by at least 10% (!!?).

      In other words, for me, iOS 11 was faster, smoother, more stable and reliable than any prior iOS version, and now I have the numbers to prove it.

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