How Apple can build a better video streaming service

“At this point, the evidence that Apple is jumping into streaming is incontrovertible. You don’t pony up a boatload of cash for the likes of Steven Spielberg and not build a streaming service,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “Nor do you just shove that into Apple Music, a platform which has proved to be only half-baked when it comes to streaming video.”

“No, this kind of $1 billion investment seems to call for a major revision to infrastructure as well,” Moren writes. “This is a serious investment, and so of course Apple’s going to want to be serious about how it builds a service.”

Moren writes, “So, let’s take a look at what’s critical in such an endeavor.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s most surprising is that Apple hasn’t already built a better video streaming service.

They are years late.

The good news is that they have more money than anybody and money is what makes Hollywood go ’round. With people who know how to get the job done now in place and with the money to back them up, Apple can catch up very quickly and zoom right on by today’s streaming leaders.

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  1. A la carte as in:
    Pay x Dollars and select any x # of channels from this list/menu. Your choice.

    No bundles. I do not wish to subsidize shit I do not watch. Have no problem paying $10 a month to HBO because they are commercial free. The problem is everybody else wants $10 a month AND a blizzard of commercials.

    I have DIRECTVNOW currently as it is the least offensive mess out there. when College Football season is over I might well kill it and just go with HBO Now.

    The Movie studios & Networks need to wake up. Most of us do not want 100 channels when most of us watch 4-5 and most off us watch the same 4 or 5. The rest need to go away like Film Cameras, VHS tapes and Star Search.

    1. Like you, I have DirecTVNow with free HBO (for the first year and then $5 a month I believe). I do add to that Hulu but not the TV package. I have ShowTime added onto Hulu and I have the Starz app directly through iTunes. I would suggest that Starz is probably the best of the three premiums though ShowTime has some really good series. I refuse to watch any sports these days and don’t have time anyway. I honestly wish I could just subscribe to the channel apps that I prefer and forget all about a DirecTVNow or Hulu service – just watch what I want at the time of my choosing on the app that I choose to subscribe to. Until that day, we are left to subscribe to a TV service and DirecTV has now added a LOT of the apps to their login so that’s my choice – for now. When this last year of my DirecTV (not DirecTVNow) service is up, I will be cutting the cord and CBS be damned with that horrible app that they charge $6 a month for. I really don’t care about Apple having a service at this point. THAT is the problem with how slowly that ship turns. People get comfortable with alternatives rather than wait for the the supposed best with its own bugs and quirks.

      1. Comcast is offering a streaming service in a handful of markets to cord cutters, but not mine- yet. Over the last year I have tried DTVN, Sling, HULU Live and YouTube TV- the Sony Product has a lame bundle vs price and is more expensive.

        I toss $5/ month to PBS so I get streaming on Demand and I watch HBO and a little news- Bloomberg (distributed for free but put on higher tiers by greedy outfits) a little CBSN (also free and ad supported) Sky News (also free, but will go away if Murdoch takes over), DWTV, France24, NHK. I do watch the 11th Hour on MSNBC on occasion, but largely stay away from cable food fights. Tory leaning BBC World News is a disappointment and not worth the money.

        During College Football season I look at the games on ESPN- not the sports gossip that is most of the channel’s stock in trade.

        Other than that, just a little HBO.

        Not paying an outrageous amount to watch that limited amount of TV. Should not have to subsidize a bunch of bullshit.

    1. We have been waiting for a while. I understand that making a deal for movie content is difficult given the history of Apple and the music labels. The music labels gave up a lot of control and Apple completely changed the industry as a result. That made the movie studios very leery of entering opinion any big deals with Apple.

      But it has been many years with little progress. Apple could have purchased the Sony video library to get a foothold. Or Apple could have bought into smaller indie studios or started making independent content years ago. But it is never too late. Apple has a way of sweeping in with a new approach and capturing significant market share.

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