Apple, Foxconn executives to meet amid iPhone X production strain; Facial recognition component issue persists, unlikely to be resolved soon

“Terry Gou, the chairman of key iPhone assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry, also known as Foxconn Technology Group, and Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams are planning to meet when the latter visits Taiwan later this month, according to two industry sources,” Debby Wu, Emi Okada, Kotaro Hosokawa report for Nikkei. “The meeting comes at a time when iPhone X production continues to be plagued by problems with the dot projector, a component in the 3-D sensor module used for facial recognition.”

“Foxconn is the sole assembler for iPhone X, while Foxconn-controlled Sharp Corporation and South Korea’s LG Innotek, a material and component manufacturing unit of LG Electronics, are responsible for assembling 3-D sensor modules,” Wu, Okada, Hosokawa report. “The Nikkei Asian Review in late September first reported on how the 3-D sensor module was affecting iPhone X production. Sources later said that Gou visited Sharp’s facilities in early October to help resolve related issues. Sharp executives recently told the Nikkei Asian Review that the yield rate has improved gradually.”

“But a tech industry executive familiar with the 3-D sensor issue said that while the yield rate has improved, it has not reached a satisfactory level,” Wu, Okada, Hosokawa report. “The executive added that the yield rate for 3-D sensors will not reach a level that will allow suppliers to churn out the iPhone X at their full capacity by the end of October.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote earlier today: If you can get ’em, it might be smart to get an extra iPhone X that you can resell at a nice profit.

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple will only have 2-3 million iPhone X units available at launch – October 20, 2017

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  1. Over the years of following Apple, there are so many rumors after rumors about the company without facts which spreading like recent California wildfires, but Tim Cook remains quiet without clarification. If it was for Tesla, FaceBook, the CEO would be quick in action to defend their companies. Suggest, Tim Cook needs to speak up more for the company.

    1. If Tim Cook wants to make a statement, then fine. I would not mind a clarification from Apple brass but, perhaps, Cook is waiting for a more complete evaluation and plan of attack for the issue before spouting off. I wish some government officials would do that…

      I am not sure why you feel that Cook needs to “defend” Apple in this situation. Do you want him to say things to prop up the stock price? If so, would it really make any difference in the long run? If there are significant supply problems, then AAPL will reflect those concerns until iPhone X production and sales reach an “acceptable” level (whatever that might be). If the supply issue is in the process of being fixed, then production will ramp up and the stock market will quickly shrug off the short term effects of the news. If this all just rumors and such, then it joins the 10,000+ other baseless Apple rumors over the past decade.

      In the end, this is either a real problem, or it isn’t. If it is, then there will be iPhone X shortages for many months.

    1. In situations like this, Apple will send the units via air to fill the retail chain more quickly. But the early inventory will be prioritized to satisfy pre-orders. Retail stores (particularly Apple Stores) will get a limited number of iPhone X units each week, I would assume.

      Two weeks from the time an iPhone is boxed up in China to the time it arrives at your home or a retail store seems like a reasonable guess.

  2. “Artists Ship”
    -Steve Jobs

    “It’s in the pipeline”
    -Tim Cook

    “Of course the Mac is still a big part of who we are”
    -Phil Schiller

    “The check is in the mail”

    “I’ll respect you in the morning”
    -uncredited Hollywood Producer

    “Look at my new Coffee Table Book”
    -Jony Ive

      1. Steve knew vaporware was Bullshit.
        We are supposedly awaiting:
        -A new Modular Mac Pro
        -A new Mac mini
        -An Apple subscription TV service
        -(Maybe) a new iPad mini
        -(Maybe) a new generation Airport Wireless base station.
        -The HomePod
        -The iMac Pro (not)
        -(Maybe) an updated iPod Touch
        -Apple Music to become a significant replacement for iTunes (almost a Billion accounts compared to less than 50 million)
        -Eddie Cue to do something productive other than piss off Rhianna

  3. Good! I don’t necessarily *want* my phone to unlock every single time I pick it up just by virtue of the fact that I’m looking at it. Face ID is a real head scratcher, I don’t understand why they have foisted it upon us to begin with.

    1. “I don’t understand why they have foisted it upon us to begin with.”
      Because Microsoft and Samsung already have it.

      You have been able to log in a Windows PC with your face for quite some time- and yes it uses infrared AND visible light. Don’t buy the Apple PR.

      1. From Microsoft:
        Windows Hello face authentication

        Microsoft face authentication in Windows 10 is an enterprise-grade identity verification mechanism that’s integrated into the Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) as a core Microsoft Windows component called Windows Hello.

        Windows Hello face authentication utilizes a camera specially configured for near infrared (IR) imaging to authenticate and unlock Windows devices as well as unlock your Microsoft Passport.

        These are the key benefits to using the Windows Hello face authentication:
        Facial recognition across all Windows 10-based devices and platforms with compatible hardware (near IR sensor).

        A user-friendly interface that provides single sign form of verification to unlock your Microsoft Passport.

        Enterprise-grade authentication and access to Microsoft Passport Pro supported content, including network resources, websites, and payment instruments.

        The ability to provide a consistent image (using IR) in diverse lighting conditions that also allows for subtle changes in appearance including facial hair, cosmetic makeup, and so on.

        Sound familiar?

    2. It will re-lock as soon as you put it down or sleep it, it will stay at the lock screen until you swipe up to the home screen, no finger print sensor means more screen space. The notch is annoying, but right now my 6+ has two black bars across the full width of the top and bottom of the screen, twice as thick as the notch, I’ll take the latter.

  4. Cutting edge technology meets white knuckle thrill ride manufacturing complication. It happens and they’ll figure it out and no doubt learn something they can apply to the future.

    Meanwhile back to enjoying the Watch 3 and iPad Pro.

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