Apple’s newly designed store may give glimpse into future of retail

“Apple’s innovative redesign of its first-ever flagship store in Chicago may give a glimpse into the future of retail,” Kelly McCarthy reports for ABC News.

“In the company’s most ambitious store design yet, the all-glass storefront called Apple Michigan Avenue on the Chicago River will for one month offer visitors free sessions to experience augmented reality, design artwork, learn coding and tinker with robots,” McCarthy reports.

McCarthy reports, “‘I think it’s our job to carry Apple’s legacy forward, always keep it relevant now for today,’ Angela Ahredts, senior vice president of retail, told ABC News. ‘This is where the best of Apple come together.'”

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Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: When you can get it online, there have to be distinct reasons to go to a physical location or else you’re Sears.

Apple’s Angela Ahrendts on new Chicago flagship store: ‘We are the live version of Apple Music’ – October 19, 2017

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  1. Great new store, Timmy. Very nice, but where are the latest and greatest Mac Pros, Mac Minis, etc? I see a beautiful and empty shell, an extension of yourself, I guess.

    1. Broken record…

      Do you think that incessantly re-posting will make it happen any sooner? Apple is aware of your concern – the concern of most of the Apple community.

      Please save some electrons and brood in silence.

  2. That is a beautiful building. I’m planning on going to Chicago to meet a friend. We’ll attend “Wait, wait, don’t tell me”, visit the new Apple store, and have prime rib at Lawry’s.

  3. It’s a store about nothing.

    Nothing? No products?

    Nothing. No products. No furniture. Nothing.

    What will people do?

    Nothing. There will be people but they don’t use products. Everyone else is pushing those. This will be about nothing. Nobody is selling nothing. But we will. And it will save us having to come out with new products. And updates.

    So, you are saying the store will be about nothing and will get customers used to lower expectations?

    The new stores will get customers comfortable with nothing.

        1. kent, Kolache, you pathetic little babies. Do something with your time instead of coming here and spouting your vacuous negativity. You’ve got nothing interesting to say, no useful points to make.

  4. As an old retailer I’m impressed with the new store.

    Apple generates more sale dollars per square foot than any other retailer AND if they are very happy if someone simply comes in and looks at an iPhone or MacBook Pro. They know that a lot of people will be gaining an idea of what they will get later, either as a purchase or a gift. (Christmas is getting near – remember?)

    Apple has worked hard to make it a pleasure being a customer, from no hard selling to the Genius Bar.

    People have demonstrated that they like buying from the physical Apple Store – it is their highest producing area.

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