Dumping Android to upgrade to Apple’s iPhone

“Before you attempt to switch from Android to iPhone, the first thing you should do is ensure all of your existing phone’s information is backed-up – whether you use a cloud service, microSD card, or transfer data over to a computer for safe keeping – just in case migrating your information from Android to iOS doesn’t work 100 per cent,” Marc Saltzman writes for Stuff.co.nz. “Next, the best way to move your info over from Android to iPhone is with the help of Apple’s Move to iOS app, available on the Google Play store.”

“Here’s what you can transfer through this app: Contacts, Messages, Photos and Videos, web bookmarks, Mail accounts, and Calendars,” Saltzman writes. “If your free apps are available on both Google Play and the App Store, some of them will also transfer over.”

Apple's revolutionary iPhone X
Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X


“While Android has come a long way, iPhone is simply easier to use. Those who don’t like technology (or don’t want to wrestle with it) will find iPhone just, well, works. The graphical touch-based interface is elegant, intuitive, and simple to master,” Saltzman writes. “Generally speaking, iOS, as an operating system, is also more secure than Android… [Plus], you’ll easily find cases for your device, since it’s such a popular device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: New Apple iPhones, especially the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and forthcoming iPhone X, are also significantly more powerful than Android phones thanks to Apple’s A-Series processors which are tuned to Apple’s iOS and vice versa. Only Apple can create such fully integrated devices because only Apple controls the whole widget. All of the cobbled-together iPhone knockoffs are using an off-the-shelf OS with off-the-rack processors.

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      1. maybe the web pages don’t render the images properly but from just looking at the web pages on my ($2000 colour corrected) monitor the Dxomark site to my eyes nearly all the iPhone photos are better. (I have two art degrees and an ex art director, so used to looking at images).

        1) Zoom Picture of girl on deck/balcony , the iPhone has cloud detail. The pixel 2 nothing, just a blank white space. The Pixel face is in shadow. Hi lights on the wood boards on the Pixel are way less detailed than the iPhone.

        2) The interior portrait with the girl and pillar: iPhone way better. Look at the pillars, in the Pixel 2 the pillars are all blurred out, gone, the face is pasty blue. iPhone, pillars and background reasonable detail, face proper detail and dynamic range.

        3) In the portrait (blue with lights in background), the iPhone girl face has proper highlights , dynamic range, the Pixel 2 is a flat grey (compare the left side cheekbone and see the hi light in the iPhone) . The lights in the background in the Pixel are better but that’s properly because the entire shot is underexposed (I’ll rather have hi light details in the girls face like the iPhone)

        4) the carousel, the Pixel 2 the carousel greyed out , hi lights lost vs the iPhone (look at that round thing at the bottom right and see what I mean), where is the hi light sky reflection on the round thing in the Pixel shot? , a lot of detail on the bottom left of the Pixel 2 is lost as well as is the underside detail of the awning/roof.

        5) Detail Texture with the colour chart, brushes, I give that to the Pixel. Slightly more detail.

        But the one of the Abe Lincoln head… the texture, shading on head is completely gone in the Pixel (like a bad flash photo) , I can see texture detail of Lincoln’s nose, forehead etc on the iPhone .

        6) African (american ?) girl photo. It’s a toss. The Pixel has more hi lights but the detail (see the nose) is less. The Pixel face is way less sharp. (colour fidelity is impossible to judge unless you have the original photo in front of you).

        not going to go through the rest, as the Bokeh etc the site has given it to the iPhone.

      2. It’s all relative. Google pixel 2 may have a great camera but so does the iPhone 8 and X. It’s been commented that the iPhone’s true depth tecnology is years ahead of what the Android manufacturers have right now. But the Google pixel 2 is a one trick pony, great camera but nothing else that’s compelling. Unlike the iPhone which has great camera, the best mobile processor on the planet twice the speed of the snapdragon, unrivalled premium feel, the best choice of Apps, smoothest operating system, no viruses and when you buy Apple you are the customer, when you buy Android you are the product, If you don’t value privacy then by all means go Android hand over your most intimate secrets for free. Also outside of the Pixel 2 you’ll have to wait to get the new operating system Oreo, launched August 2017 currently loaded on 0.2% of Android phones. Compare that to iPhone iOS 11, launched Sept 2017 already on over 50% of eligible iPhones. With Android you’ll always going to be playing catchup and the phones are not even cheaper any more. There’s a fast iPhone to fit everyone’s budget. No competition really.

  1. I was just in BestBuy fidgeting around with an S8 just for kicks and I found the difference between it and my iPhone 7 running iOS 11 to be palpable…

    And not in a good way for the iPhone.

    Idk MDN, this round of releases has given me pause… for the first time in 10 years on iOS… about whether or not I continue with the platform or try the competition.

    1. “I found the difference between it and my iPhone 7 running iOS 11 to be palpable”

      Nobody talks like this, you’re writing from a script or talking points, you’re almost certainly a paid troll, or just a troll.

      1. Actually, I’m not. I borrowed the word palpable because I like the word. What? We can’t use sophisticated language in a comment thread?

        Fine…. it FEELS different than my iPhone 7 running iOS 11.

        Better now??

  2. I’m not sure who exactly is going to be dumping their Android smartphones for iPhones but it can’t be many individuals. Android smartphone users aren’t going to be dropping $1000 for an iPhone X. Most of the new adopters of smartphones are going to be spending about $150 tops for a smartphone. If iPhone market share percentage in India ever gets higher than 2%, I’ll be extremely surprised. iPhone market percentage share has topped out in China and can only drop further owing to WeChat and the half-dozen domestic smartphone manufacturers all offering great deals on good-enough Android smartphones. It’s a sales problem Apple can’t possibly solve. The Chinese don’t care anything about personal privacy and are quite happy with cobbled-up Mediatek processors.

    1. If you (“as a smartphone user”) could give a rats ass about how secure your personal and private information stored on said smartphone is…? Well, stick with GoogleDroid. What part of Android and Google users, “ARE THE PRODUCT” don’t you understand?

  3. There are two types of Android buyer IMO. The first is the budget buyer. They’d like to buy an iPhone but can’t afford it.

    The second is the “I’ll buy anything BUT Apple” consumer. To justify their buying decision they create all kinds of mostly frivolous, irrelevant justifications/reasons.

    To magnificentseven48 I say: better to remain silent and have people think you are stupid, than it is to open your mouth and prove it.

    Apple controls the high end segment of the smartphone market. Android switchers (who pay up to $1000 for a Samsung Galaxy/Note) come from this group, which is getting smaller each year.

    In just a couple of years there will be two kins of smartphones: Apple’s iPhone and sub $300 Androids. Lost in the mix will be Samsung, who can’t decide if its a high end handset manufacturer, or a cheap handset manufacturer. The confusion is causing it to lose share to Apple (high end) and Chinese (low end) handset manufacturers.

    1. There are probably more types of Android buyers than just the budget and iOS avoiders. One off-hand that comes to mind would be those that can afford an iPhone (maybe not the latest and greatest) but find that for their purposes an Android handset is a better functional value for price.

  4. 2 cents:

    even if you’re tight for money , it’s better to get an iPhone like the SE and keep it longer (upgrade every 3 years instead of 2 etc) instead of getting an Android . The resale value of iPhones are also better so it’s actually a better bargain.

    Androids are bad:

    1) their chips are way slower (the iP 8 is like twice as fast as the top of the line androids, so even an older iP 7 is Ok for speed)

    2) massive infections of malware. Even Google’s play store gets malware, millions of phones infected by malware from the playstore . Third party app stores worse.

    A couple of months ago I received curious emails from my wife’s friend with attachments. I didn’t open them but asked my wife to contact her friend (a rich medical professional with her own business) we found out that her ANDROID had been infected with MALWARE and all her accounts had been compromised including OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES etc. Now hackers are using her I.D to scam her friends. If we had open the fake email my computers would have been infected. I don’t even know if they got her bank accounts.

    android is a piece of shit.

    3) it’s obvious that a company like Apple that designs both hardware and software will make a more OPTIMIZED and streamlined products. It’s a delusion that Samsung etc ‘makes’ an iPhone like I keep reading about. Apple is the ‘architect’ the contract manufacturers are just the labourers , even the OLED screens Apple uses are special with more layers than the standard Samsung screens .

    So many Androids are built with off the shelf components hobbled together, chips are ‘are lowest common denominator ‘ to fit all kinds of phones and so is Android . Many OEMS load OLDER android versions on NEW phones. They also put in stupid ‘interface overlays’ to differentiate their phones which slow down real world performance to molasses (if lousy synthetic benchmarks weren’t bad enough).

    android itself is a flawed OS, having screen multitouch interface hurriedly layered over a linear input Blackberry keyboard foundation when the iPhone came out (the keyboard foundation slows it down, thats why early Android’s needed multicores to get reasonable speed)

    4) You get a run around for problems between OEM and Google etc. etc.

    I don’t even have time to talk about privacy issues (like spreading your browsing history all over) etc.


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