Apple, LG Display discuss OLED display deal for 2019

“Apple Inc. will have to wait until at least 2019 to be able to move beyond Samsung Electronics Co. for significant alternative supplies of next-generation, organic light-emitting diode screens for iPhones, according to people familiar with the matter,” Min Jeong Lee and Pavel Alpeyev report for Bloomberg.

“LG Display Co., a long-time supplier of liquid crystal displays for existing iPhone models, is targeting full-fledged shipments of OLED screens in 2019, with only small shipments possible towards the end of next year, the people said, asking not to be identified because the matter is private,” Lee and Alpeyev report. “LG is still negotiating the size of upfront payments and details, though talks are in the final stages, said one of the people.”

“LG has been in discussions with Apple to supply OLED technology as quickly as possible, but it’s come across multiple challenges, the people said. Securing evaporation machines, a key tool in churning out the displays, has been difficult, after Samsung’s display arm beat LG to booking several units, or years of orders, from supplier Canon Tokki Corp., one of the person said. Though LG finally managed to secure these machines this year for installation, it has to scramble to get the production yield sufficiently up to meet Apple’s requirements,” Lee and Alpeyev report. “Apple typically introduces new iPhones each fall so it may ship the first OLED phone with LG technology in late 2018 with limited supplies. Alternatively, it could wait to add LG models later in the life cycle of the next model.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Happily, Samsung Display’s little monopoly isn’t long for this world.

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    1. It would not surprise me a bit if that were true. And who can blame them when Apple is offering lucrative component contracts?

      Apple has done the same thing numerous times, locking up long term supplier contracts for DRAM and other key components to the dismay of competitors. I don’t like Samsung, but I cannot fault them in this instance.

  1. Well, MDN, you may very well be correct. But I won’t be surprised to see some controversy over the relative quality of OLED displays from Samsung and LG, just as there has been with the A series SoCs and the Qualcomm/Intel broadband chips, etc. You keep demanding that Apple diversify its supplier contracts away from Samsung, but complain bitterly when the alternative components are not perfectly equivalent in all respects.

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