Apple Watch shipments expected to reach 15 million this year, 20 million in 2018

“With Apple ready to launch its third-generation Apple Watch, Apple’s overall smartwatch shipments are expected to rise to 4.5 million units in the fourth quarter and hit 15 million for the whole year 2017, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes. “The sources expect the volume to rise to 20 million units in 2018.”

“Despite Apple Watch’s strong performances, other vendors are seeing weakening demand for their wearable devices,” Chen and Tsai report. “Although the first-generation Apple Watch only achieved shipments of less than five million units in 2015, the second-generation model has achieved rather strong sales since its release in September 2016.”

MacDailyNews Note: The original Apple Watch supply was severely constrained, outstripped by demand for most, if not all, of 2015.

New limited edition Apple Watch Nikelab champions neutral-toned style
The new limited edition Apple Watch Nikelab champions neutral-toned style

Chen and Tsai report, “With the third-generation device expected to feature updated apps and communication functionality, related shipments are expected to greatly boost Apple’s overall smartwatch volumes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: DigiTimes‘ sources are significantly underestimating next-gen Apple Watch shipments.

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  1. What is amusing and somewhat strange is that Amazon has sold a total of about 12 million Echo devices up until now and it’s considered a hugely successful product. If Apple is able to sell 15 million AppleWatch units this year will it then be considered a successful product? Up to now, AppleWatch has been maligned and said to be an unsuccessful product. Pure anti-Apple bias by the Apple-hating critics.

    I sure hope the Aetna deal goes through and it’s possible other insurers might follow suit by distributing AppleWatches to their insured subscribers. I’m willing to bet AppleWatch margins are fairly high and Apple will have another cash cow on its hands. Fingers crossed. Having AppleWatch not being dependent upon ownership of an iPhone should be a winning situation.

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