Wisconsin state Assembly approves bill paving the way for $3 billion in incentives for Foxconn plant

“Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled state Assembly voted 59-30 on Thursday to approve a bill that paves the way for a $3 billion incentives package for a proposed liquid-crystal display plant by Taiwan’s Foxconn,” Suzannah Gonzales reports for Reuters.

“The plan still needs to be approved by the joint finance committee, which has members from both the Assembly and the state Senate, as well as the Senate before it can go to the governor. The finance committee and Senate are also controlled by Republicans,” Gonzales reports. “Foxconn, an electronics manufacturer formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, hopes to open a $10 billion plant in 2020 at a 1,000-acre site in southeastern Wisconsin. Foxconn is a major supplier to Apple Inc for its iPhones.”

“‘”We are ready to take advantage of this historic opportunity… and build a long-lasting relationship with Foxconn,’ Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a Republican who helped negotiate the deal, said in a statement,” Gonzales reports. “Foxconn, Walker, President Donald Trump and other leaders announced the deal on the incentives last month in a White House ceremony. ‘We look forward to continuing to work with them to transform Wisconsin’s economy and make it a center of worldwide high-tech manufacturing,’ Foxconn said in a statement, referring to the legislature.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, make a bunch of those new, forthcoming Apple pro displays there in Wisconsin, too!

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  1. Paid for in year five. The rest is gravy. Plus income taxes, sales taxes, local business growth (restaurants, etc.) which also pay taxes, etc. Smart move. Congrats, Wisconsin!

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              how many seats in Congress is the Plantation Party going to lose in 2018?

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    1. Sarah, where did you read this? The article states that Wisconsin taxpayers would be paying $3 billion in exchange for no definitive guarantee of number of workers. We would all hope it grows, but the initial estimate of 3000 full time employees doesn’t add up to a five year payoff.

      Also, are there any guarantees that the plant won’t be abandoned as soon as the corporate welfare dries up?

    2. Wisconsin has to pay for jobs since the talent and human capital left the state for greener pastures in neighboring Minnesota and elsewhere. This is due to the mindset of the current state gov’t that is hostile to education and human capital.

      Cali did not have to pay for goog, aapl, FB ect jobs. So sad.

  2. Suckers.

    Giving these tax breaks away never works out as planned. They will suck up all the incentives, and right when it should be profitable for the sate, they will close shop. State Looses, Citizens have to pay.

    1. I share the concern, governments have NEVER been good at cutting a deal where more than the politicians and the company wins out. I’m HOPING in this case they got sound advice and actually had a lawyer or two look over the contract.

      1. I don’t totally agree. Public- private partnerships can be hugely beneficial. Example : BMW in South Carolina. After the fabric mills closed, SC worked hard to retrain its workers , improve its universities, leverage its natural transportation advantages, and made a great future for its people. Now it hosts the biggest BMW plant in the world.

        But yes, there are thousands of examples of corporations getting obscene amounts of welfare with no requirement for them to make long term commitment to the community.


    The deal would exempt the Foxconn plant from a host of environmental regulations, placing the local water supply and ecology at risk.

    “This is a transfer of wealth from Wisconsin taxpayers to Foxconn shareholders,” says Greg LeRoy, the head of Good Jobs First.”

    “…it won’t begin to pay off for state taxpayers for more than two decades, if then — or ever.”

    “After [union-busting] Walker privatized the state’s main job-development agency, it became ensnared in scandal after scandal while failing to make much of a mark on job growth.”


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