YouTube TV expands to 14 new markets, partners with Sinclair stations

“Alphabet Inc’s Google has expanded its YouTube TV streaming service into 14 new U.S. markets to reach half of American households, with an additional 17 markets to launch in the next few weeks, the company said on Thursday,” Sheila Dang reports for Reuters.

“Television station operator Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc said in a statement on Thursday it had an agreement with YouTube TV to air its ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC affiliates in nine of the 14 new markets,” Dang reports. “Sinclair also has stations in 11 of the 17 markets YouTube TV will enter in the coming weeks.”

“YouTube said it now leads its live TV streaming competitors in carrying the most local broadcast stations in the markets where YouTube TV is available,” Dang reports. “YouTube TV is also adding Newsy, a short-form video news site, and the Tennis Channel to its lineup at no additional cost to subscribers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, here’s the problem Google, and every other streaming service, is trying to tackle: Unless you live in a select major city, you’ll likely not get all (or any) live networks. Most (or all) will be on-demand only.

You’ll see a lot of this:

"Hulu with Live TV" On-Demand Only outside of select areas.
“Hulu with Live TV” On-Demand Only outside of select areas.

So, it’s not really so “live” at all, at least when it comes to the major networks. In other words: Start shopping for a good HD Antenna.

As with all other current “streaming TV” services, including our favorite to date (Sony’s PlayStation Vue), coverage is not even close to being uniform across the country.

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    1. Fox is right wing and CNN and others are all left wing. After the way the left has acted and the things they have done I have switched to Republican and Fox News. I still watch both sides with CNN and Fox News and laugh at how far CNN is left! That is very dangerous for our country that they are so one sided!

      1. No Fox is Crazy Right and the other broadcast nets are centrist with a good deal of corporatist thrown in. There are no left wing networks.

        Of course, to many Conservatives, anything left of Rush is bleeding heart liberalism.

        1. Not a fan of Fox TV production. Garish graphics, swooshes (sweetened sound and SFX) turns me off.
          The Zenith of TV Sports was Keith Jackson calling College Football back in the day. Nobody- NOBODY- has ever done it better. Brent Musberger is pretty damn good, but Keith Jackson retired the title.

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