“Apple TV 4 is a beta product and if you bought one then you’re a beta tester, too. And why not? It’s Apple’s modus operandi these days,” Wil Gomez writes for Mac360. “Release a new and long anticipated product with a few gee whiz features, get it into the early adopter crowd’s hands, and let them find the bugs that need to be nailed down.”

“There’s much to like about Apple TV 4. It’s powerful and has plenty of storage. Siri is great but can’t seem to find music,” Gomez writes. “What’s with that? And Siri can’t spell for crap, and Apple seems to think Apple TV users do not know how to type, hence no third party Bluetooth keyboard support. What’s with that? Why can’t Siri be used to dictate into forms the way we can dictate notes or use search queries on the iPhone?”

“It’s because tvOS .87 is a beta operating system, and the real one, the one you’ll fall in love with, won’t arrive until tvOS 2.1, sometime next year,” Gomez writes. “In the meantime, enjoy your life as an unpaid, unofficial Apple beta tester. He won’t say it, but chief design honcho, Sir Jony Ive, thanks you. But I’m not happy being one of the company’s unpaid, unofficial, non-voluntary beta testers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The new Apple TV is a diamond in the rough. We’re not sure Steve Jobs would have released it this way, but it’s here now, and there are many enjoyable aspects of the device that are certainly worth the price and then some. Hopefully, significant, solid, and useful tvOS updates are coming soon!