“I haven’t watched live television at home in years. At the very least, my typical show viewing is delayed to the day-after online premiere, but more frequently until the full season is added to a service like Netflix,” Abner Li writes for 9to5Google. “Meanwhile, news has been augmented by Twitter and other illicit livestreams for major events.”

“As such, something like YouTube TV is especially geared towards habits like mine and to that of a generation who does not watch in real time,” Li writes. “After a few days of using the service, I think YouTube TV is fantastic — due not only to a combination of content and technical prowess, but more importantly a familiar interface and experience.”

Li writes, “YouTube TV is currently available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and Philadelphia for $35 a month.”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, beside the fact that it’s Google and we don’t trust them with our viewing or any other data, YouTube TV is missing the Discovery Channel, HGTV, and several others as well. It also seems to be Chromecast-only; no mention of Apple TV that we can see.

For now, Sony’s Playstation Vue* remains our go-to service choice (over DirectTV Now and SlingTV).

*Worst-named, but best-featured service currently available

YouTube TV Channel Listing

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