Google’s YouTube TV is familiar, stable, and already changing my viewing habits

“I haven’t watched live television at home in years. At the very least, my typical show viewing is delayed to the day-after online premiere, but more frequently until the full season is added to a service like Netflix,” Abner Li writes for 9to5Google. “Meanwhile, news has been augmented by Twitter and other illicit livestreams for major events.”

“As such, something like YouTube TV is especially geared towards habits like mine and to that of a generation who does not watch in real time,” Li writes. “After a few days of using the service, I think YouTube TV is fantastic — due not only to a combination of content and technical prowess, but more importantly a familiar interface and experience.”

Li writes, “YouTube TV is currently available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and Philadelphia for $35 a month.”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, beside the fact that it’s Google and we don’t trust them with our viewing or any other data, YouTube TV is missing the Discovery Channel, HGTV, and several others as well. It also seems to be Chromecast-only; no mention of Apple TV that we can see.

For now, Sony’s Playstation Vue* remains our go-to service choice (over DirectTV Now and SlingTV).

*Worst-named, but best-featured service currently available

YouTube TV Channel Listing

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  1. I just canceled Netflix. I can’t tolerate another recommendation of a foreign language film that’s subtitled. I’ll stick with Hulu and Amazon prime along with DirecTV Now. The Netflix business model seems flawed in that I could subscribe for a month and binge to catch up and cancel for the next five months.

    Anyway – off the subject of YouTube TV but who cares about YouTube TV anyway?

    1. As a new service, give it time and perhaps those channels will also be added. Unless you live in one of the initial coverage areas, does it make a difference to you right now?

  2. While I appreciate the efforts by companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc to break the cable content monopoly, I don’t see any real disruption going on here. Case in point- YouTube TV is just another ‘me too’ offering. These companies are commoditizing content, and the only direction from here is down- the proverbial race to the bottom. Apple has traditionally been able to avoid this paradigm by building disruptive products and services- iPod with iTunes downloads; iPhone with the app ecosystem; etc. this is what’s needed, and while I’m rapidly losing faith in Apple’s ability to disrupt another market, I can’t dismiss them yet. Here’s hoping Tim Cook has a major Jobsian epiphany.

  3. Not crazy about bundles, but the days of a la carte are not long off. The dirty little secret is almost all of these channels are owned by a handful of owners and they want you to subsidize their bullshit on cable, satellite or by streaming bundle.

    The You Tube service has localized TV- which I do not give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about. I do not watch Local TV because the localized programming and pre-emptions do not match my tastes. I live in metro Memphis and do not want localized SEC sports coverage all the time nor do I care about the local “if it needs it leads” newz coverage. The local joke is Jesus could be healing people and handing out money to the poor at Highland and Poplar and it would not be the lead story- they would find a carjacking or something to sensationalize.

    I also do not want to subsidize the Disney or Murdoch empires of Bullshit. Pay per view on College Football and no ESPN Sports gossip or Fox Sports gossip.

    Turner Classic Movies, HBO, Showtime, Bloomberg (distributed free BTW), BBC World News, CBSN (freely distributed 24 hour News Channel from CBS News that is better then CNN, Fox Newz, MSNBC or the OTA broadcast nets- not great , but improving) and PPV sports should be all I need.

  4. I need CNN, Turner Classic Movies and Apple TV support before I’d pull the trigger on YouTube. I don’t mind if Google sees what I watch. Hell, they the already know what I look at on the Internet, and that’s far more personal than my TV watching habits.

    Where I totally trust Google is in coming up with a scalable TV service. Nobody does scale better than Google. One company that is SHIT at scale is Apple, at least historically. Their iCloud service is expensive and tends to be slow. I can’t imagine them doing a good job at a live TV service with DVR. But I’d love to be delighted by them.

  5. Free 5GB on iCloud. To compare with the competitors, 2GB for Dropbox basic, 15GB for Google Drive and 5GB on OneDrive.

    One thing that Google has is lots of storage. If you buy any Chromebook you get 100GB more free for 2 years for each one you register. If you buy a Pixel smartphone, you get free unlimited storage at full resolution for photos and videos taken with the Pixel, otherwise you can still get unlimited photo (<= 16MP) and video (<= 1080HD) storage.

  6. To be honest, not a single channel above interests me. It’s all globalist-corporatist brainwashing. If I ever pay for a subscription again I will make certain ESPN is NOT part of it, I don’t want them getting a penny, the sooner they go bankrupt the better. Television has been one of the most destructive inventions in history. Books are infinitely more informative and entertaining and not mind-enslaving.

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