More evidence for a looming iPhone ‘supercycle’

“More evidence for Dow-component Apple bulls that an iPhone ‘supercycle’ is coming: More teenagers than ever say they see an iPhone in their future,” Elaine Low reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“According to Piper Jaffray, ‘81% of teens expect their next phone to be an iPhone, which was up from 79% in Fall 2016 and, more importantly, the highest we’ve seen ever in the survey,'” Low reports. “The firm said it sees the poll as a ‘positive data point’ of iPhone 7 demand, as well as signaling anticipation of the iPhone 8.”

“Interest in the Apple Watch, however, is still ‘modest,’ said the survey,” Low reports. “A total of 13% of polled teenagers intend to buy one of the smartwatches in the next six months, though that marks an increase from 11% last year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Two points:

1) After what Steve Jobs built, a chimpanzee could run Apple profitably for many years. (Yes, even Steve Ballmer could do it.)

2) Apple obviously has much more work to do to educate the fitness device-buying market, but when it comes to Apple’s next-gen flagship:



  1. All evidence points to a super cycle to everybody – even Wall Street for a change – and what do you bet Apple’s supply chain will be super unprepared for it?

  2. After ten years of the iPhone, the brand still shines intact.

    That the most fickle demographic (teenagers) continues to covet it generation after generation is a testament to the disruptive power of the original, as well as the consistent quality of every subsequent iteration.

    Unfortunately, what I see here is the continued signals that iOS is IT. And this means that Mac is not. In a way, it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy: Mac sales are slowing down, therefore Mac doesn’t warrant meaningful investment into the platform.

    This is unfortunate.

      1. Let me explain this to you. We’ll assume what you imply is what I really meant (I didn’t).

        Teenage years, in its literal meaning, are from thirteen to nineteen. Over the past ten years of the iPhone, ten new generations of teens became of age, and conversely, ten of them aged out of that demographic. You see, unlike us adults, where we can safely lump all of those born in the 60s into the same generation (even though culturally, they aren’t necessarily the same, as the older ones grew up listening to disco, while for the younger ones, disco was dead, and ridiculous), the teens don’t all fall into the same generation. After all, 13-year olds think nothing like 19-year olds (who are already in college), and while the first group is still excited about sleep-overs, for the second, the term for the same concept is different, and involves different types of activities (requiring prophylactics).

        So, even if we take it the way you think, generations of teenagers have come into that demographic (and out of it) covering iPhone.

        But it is OK. While they do say that people of old age tend to have greater wisdom (all other things being equal), they also tend to be more cranky, less civil and more narrow-minded. I will continue to ignore your offending, vulgar and petty missives and I’m sure the others will, once they realise your actual age. I’m pretty sure if anyone here met you in person, they would be polite and respectful of your age (at least that’s how I was brought up). Alas, as they say, on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog…

  3. I’d be careful about saying that anyone could run Apple after Steve Jobs. Tim Cook has been doing a good job of ruining the Mac brand, which was the bread and butter of Apple’s business for a long time.

    Plus, they say 81% of people expect their next phone to be an iPhone. How many of those are already iPhone users who will be like, “Well, I’ve got an iPhone now, so of course I’m going to stick with it”? Increasing iPhone market share will only carry Apple so far.

  4. all of wall street is eating their own echo-chamber poo.

    they poo it, eat it and regurgitate it. They are going to eat more than that by the end of the year when they see that the iPhone 8 is slated for next year.
    Crow and poo with a side dish of humble pie.

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