“The surprise in Bloomberg‘s Friday scoop about an LTE Apple Watch was not that Apple has been working on adding cellular connectivity to the device,” Mark Sullivan writes for Fast Company. “It’s that the company is reportedly ready to bring it to the market as soon as this fall.”

“Apple had already added a GPS radio to last fall’s Apple Watch Series 2, which left only one more major radio to add in a future watch–a cellular one,” Sullivan writes. “The company would likely have done so a long time ago except for the fact that cellular radios require a lot of battery power to operate.”

“Creative Strategies president and long-time Apple analyst Tim Bajarin says he still has his doubts about an LTE Apple Watch arriving this fall. However, ‘it’s inevitable that at some point this will happen and I believe Apple’s goal would be more focused on untethered access to data and possibly music,’ he adds,” Sullivan writes. “If Apple truly does release an LTE Watch this fall, it will almost certainly have to place restrictions on some of the battery-hogging services that cellular connectivity would make possible… The Watch would be on the user’s wrist all day, but the LTE radio would be off most of the day.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re generally only without our iPhones when we’re running, swimming, and participating in other sports/activities. During those few hours per day, we’d have the cellular capability available for use, if necessary, in our Apple Watches. At all other times, the Watch would know the iPhone was in range and would use its cellular radio instead, as usual.