Coach’s $150 ‘Rexy’ dinosaur Apple Watch strap now comes in fall colors

“Coach is a fashion brand that has been making Apple Watch bands since June 2016, which the company has periodically refreshed with new styles, colors, and designs,” Chaim Gartenberg reports for The Verge. “Given that the fall season is fast approaching, it’s only logical that Coach would update its offerings with new fall colors to match your fall ensemble.”

“The new Goldenrod color for the Rexy strap,” Gartenberg reports, “stands out from Coach’s other $150 Apple Watch bands by the simple virtue of having a colorful cartoon dinosaur on it.”

Gartenberg reports, “Coach has offered the strap for a while already, but the new color is a perfect opportunity to remind the world that it a. exists and b. is objectively the best Apple Watch band, full stop.”

Apple Watch Rexy Leather Strap in goldenrod (US$150 by Coach)
Apple Watch Rexy Leather Strap in goldenrod (US$150 by Coach)

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MacDailyNews Take: Coach’s designers were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.


  1. People who visit this website tend to not fathom fashion, and seldom see any charm or humour in retail offerings that are nonutilitarian. That is a very geeky, very soviet attitude, very unamerican. Even Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev could hardly wait to visit Disneyland on his U.S. visit in 1959. America may have a Puritan core, but it thrives on whimsy and imagination, and the excitement of freedom calls out to millions across the world. Lighten up, you all, and buy some Hello Kitty accessories instead of insulting political T-shirts, and enjoy the resulting smiles from people you encounter.

      1. Maybe after the triumph of pragmatic, rust-belt real-world problem-solvers, the sissified faux-artiste losers with their useless adornments and bourgeois fetishes will fade away. I can hardly wait to throw my Sylvia Plath books into the bonfire, and return to my tatting upon the verandah.

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