“Confirming speculation from a few months back, a Bloomberg report says Apple Watch will finally grow up,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “A new model will be equipped with its own LTE radio, making the product independent of the iPhone. Developer, Jeffrey Grossman also recently discovered code that suggests a SIM inside the watch.”

“Liberating the device from the phone will transform it from being an optional accessory/fitness tracker into a truly independent solution that may provide all that some people need from a connected device,” Evans writes. ” I know there is a tendency to see everything through the prism of iPhone, but I say the truth is that connected intelligence will inevitably proliferate and smartphones will become just one of a range of ways to stay online. There is life after iPhone.”

Evans writes, “In some situations, it will be all you need: at the beach, climbing a mountain, fixing industrial equipment, on the road for client calls, or providing emergency assistance – any situation in which you need to use both hands while remaining connected.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The display size will be the limiting factor. Being able to use Siri via AirPods with an LTE-capable Apple Watch will alleviate some of that, but, until Apple Glasses appear, we’ll still want iPhones for their displays.