The magic and misdirection of Apple’s streaming strategy

“One thing I always find interesting about the streaming wars is the level of misdirection that comes into play. Like a classic magician, while audiences are looking one way, the performer is doing all the work the other way,” The Entertainment Oracle writes for Seeking Alpha. “Apple is a magician.”

“Apple has a reputation based on secrecy and revealing things only when it believes the time is right. So should it really have been a shock that while Disney and Netflix were trying to one-up the other, Apple would be making a play of its own?” T.E.O. writes. “Shareholders were excited when – after what seemed like multiple stop and starts – Apple hired Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg from Sony to run its worldwide video programming division. Now the pair has made their first hire, and again, that should signal to investors the company is indeed moving in the right direction. Former WGN America President Matt Cherniss, who previous to that worked at Warner Bros. (among other studios), is now coming on board to help with development.”

“For those of you who were fans of Manhattan and Underground, Cherniss is whom you have to thank,” T.E.O. writes. “If Cherniss can find and shepherd the same level of shows he did at WGN America, but use Apple’s sizable clout and increased budget to bring them to the next level, it will change the playing field.”

“Tim Cook and team desperately want their House of Cards or their Game of Thrones, and that’s not unrealistic. If they find the right concept with the right cast, they will get the right result. This is the team that can do all of that, and more importantly, they have the resources to succeed,” T.E.O. writes. “If everything goes in the direction I’ve suggested, and Apple uses its Music service as its home base and has the right programming, the streaming space will again have evolved in a way people were not expecting. Now, that’s not to say Apple won’t pull another rabbit out of its hat and launch a separate service for this content, but you can see why it may not be as necessary.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just keep feckless Eddy far away from the pitch meetings.

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    1. I’d be very surprised if another streaming company could buy Netflix and be allowed to stream the titles that Netflix were showing.

      Media contracts are often written in such a way that the rights can’t be transferred to another company.

      Besides, apart from Beats, Apple doesn’t usually buy companies that the man in the street has heard of. Apple usually buys small companies with special expertise which Apple can use.

      1. Apple also doesn’t usually enter a market where they can not leapfrog the competition and don’t have a very good profit margin. I don’t think they can leapfrog the competition and I don’t think they can realise a decent profit margin in this market. This feels more like a defensive play, Ballmer style.

  1. Agree with MDN take, Eddy Cue is a whole lot of FAT and a waste of precious space. Under Steve Jobs Eddy hauled his ass (did work) but since the death of Steve Jobs Eddy is in retirement in practice despite official titles

  2. I believe it’s very hard for a company to do something where the very top have no clue about it. How is Tim Cook, Eddy cue going to green light a project when they (paraphrasing Steve Jobs) have “no taste” as can be seen from Planet of the Apps, the projected ‘sex romp’ of Dr. Dre’s life mini series etc.

    If Cook was to allow his underlings to DO WHAT THEY WANT without supervision then you will have (as happened) Jony Ive spending one and half years (according to Reuters etc) designing DOOR HANDLES for the new Campus and Coffee table books while Macs rot (until the recently turn around with Kaby Lake macs, the whole line was in a mess and Pro macs are still missing)

    Will the new TV hires if not supervised properly go and develop some crazy ‘artsy’ ‘pet’ series (like Ive’s door handles) that everybody else has rejected but Cook and Eddy are too dumb to do so?

    I was an art director, let me tell you if artists are NOT SUPERVISED they will go into all kinds of crazy ‘personal vision’ directions. One artist I had was into Heavy Metal and he wanted to put Heavy Metal grunge designs on EVERYTHING even ‘kleenex type’ tissue boxes, food packaging …

    Remember Jobs had arguments with Ive and even rejected Ive’s initial iPhone designs. Jobs had also rejected Fadell’s ‘iPod’ iPhone as well…. (think about it, Fadell due to iPod was Apple King then, if not for Steve we might have a click wheel iPhone… )

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