Why Apple dominates the mobile enterprise

“Digital transformation is the dominant story of today – not just in IT, but everywhere else as well,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “History will show that almost every part of life was impacted by mobile technology, and Apple’s guaranteed place in tomorrow’s enterprise is just one component of this.”

“There are iPads in our homes, offices, airplanes and above the sky,” Evans writes. “We’re connected, and, when it comes to the enterprise, Apple has become synonymous with mobile tech.”

“According to Good Technology’s Mobility Index Report, iPhone accounted for 72% of all enterprise smartphone activations during the first quarter while iPad accounted for 81 percent of tablet activations,” Evans writes. “The JAMF annual survey reveals similar sets of statistics, with 91 percent of organizations are now using Mac and 99 percent on iPad and iPhone.”

“Based on a major deployment of 90,000 Macs, IBM now claims it costs three times as much to manage Windows PCs as it does Macs,” Evans writes. “76 percent of organizations claim to have seen an increase in iPad and iPhone adoption, 74 percent are experiencing uptick in Mac use across their organization over the previous year.”

Many more reasons why Apple dominates the mobile enterprise here.

MacDailyNews Take: Told ya so, ten days before the first iPhone launched:

The IT dinos will be — gasp! — forced to accommodate the employees; a rarity, we know, but watch and see… The IT guys are in for a rude awakening and the iPhone is only the beginning. They will have to accommodate the iPhone. Too many important employees will demand it and IT won’t be able to stem the tide. The fact is that business people will decide which device they want to carry and their businesses will adapt to it.MacDailyNews, June 19, 2007

To have advocated for Apple Macintosh here and prior, some of us for decades, and to have fought for Macs at every company of which we’ve been a part, the vindication we’re now experiencing simply couldn’t be any sweeter.

We hope the Mac-blocking, Apple-hating, productivity-killing IT doofuses have either wised up or are suffering immensely as the world around them finally, blessedly wakes up.

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  1. Now  needs to actively support the Mac platform, no more sitting on the fence. iOS may someday supplant Mac OS, but until it does, the Mac platform needs regular updates, and the platform needs to support consumer, corporate, and professional users. 🖖😀

  2. My God! Could it possibly be? But but but, I thought Apple was doomed …

    Or perhaps I was wrong! Perhaps it was not Apple which is doomed, but rather that pack of intrepid boorish tech journalists constantly attacking Apple who are doomed. Yes perhaps it is THEY who are doomed to an Eternal life roasting in the hellish stinking plastic fire and odor coming from android devices spontaneously combusting, stinking up the air as they melt into giant flaming trash yards.

  3. I find this enterprise domination quite hard to believe. I’ve never heard anyone on Wall Street boasting about how Apple has some lock on mobile in corporations. I wouldn’t miss something as huge as this.

    The main reason why Apple isn’t as highly valued on Wall Street as the FANG stocks are because Apple doesn’t actually hold a dominant position (market share-wise) in anything. All the FANG stocks are seen as putting all of their rivals out of business but Apple has never been seen in that way. There’s always the huge concern about some small company coming along and taking bites out of Apple’s iPhone market share. Compare Apple with Tesla. Tesla is seen as being a threat to mighty Ford and GM. Not GM and Ford becoming a threat to small Tesla. All the FANG stocks are seen as gaining more and more market share while Apple is only known for losing market share. Behind anything Apple, there is always a question mark of concern.

    Speaking of mobile domination, here’s an interesting report on Apple mobile devices:

    Reports like these don’t exist for FANG stocks. These reports are strictly reserved for Apple. Apple remains the lone stinker and I don’t see that outlook changing anytime soon.

    1. Agreed. Macs seem to be the foundation that needs to be laid in an enterprise before iOS devices can get a steady foothold. When’s the last time you heard how easy it was to use your iPad or iPhone with your PC vs Android with PC? While they may be increasing, Macs are still a minority device in enterprises today.

    2. M748, My experience in the corporate world is that iPhone totally dominates mobile computing. The primary reason is security. No company with a competent IT department that takes security seriously is going to touch Android devices. These are facts on the ground.

      Secondly, I don’t understand your take on Wall Street’s valuing of APPL stock. The value of a stock is typically predicated on its future growth prospects. If a company has a dominant position in a given market then by definition growth prospects are limited. A company that has a smaller share of a market has opportunity to grow.

      1. Good point. By the same reasoning, since iOS owners tend to spend more wouldn’t it also follow that Google users’ spending has LOTS of room to grow? So I would agree with you that Apple has room to grow device-wise and Google Android has room to grow service/app revenue-wise.

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