“Quick, what was the biggest tech story of 2014? According to mobile analyst Horace Dediu, it was the deal between Apple and IBM to collaborate on the next generation of enterprise apps,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes. “In his post Friday, Biggest News of 2014, Dediu writes, ‘this new union is profoundly important. It indicates and evidences change on a vast scale.'”

“Coincidentally, just before the holiday I had a demo of some of these new apps from a trio of IBM execs,” Kosner writes. “What I saw supports Dediu’s claims.”

“The apps that I saw all capitalize on what IBM is calling the ‘mobile moment.’ Simply put, this means that a worker is ‘able to make decisions on a mobile device, in the moment,'” Kosner writes. “The power in this approach comes from making everything required to make a given decision available on that device, in that moment.”

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