Apple holds Stevie Wonder concert on campus in honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day

“Apple has been celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day all week, highlighting its Accessibility features and sharing the stories of those who use them,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “To cap off its celebrations, Apple yesterday held a concert at its headquarters with Stevie Wonder.”

“A plethora of images have emerged on social media showing the gathering of Apple executives and employees for the concert, which was kept a surprise until the day of,” Miller reports. “Stevie Wonder, who has been legally blind since shortly after birth, has praised Apple’s Accessibility features in the past. In 2011, the musician thanked Stevie Jobs for Apple’s focus on ensuring that everyone can use its products.”

Miller reports, “Earlier this week, Apple released a new series of videos highlighting people with disabilities who use its products, while Tim Cook also sat down with three different YouTubers to discuss Apple’s Accessibility efforts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Which reminds us of one of our favorite magazine covers:

Steve Jobs, Stevie Wonder, Fortune, January 31, 2000
Fortune, January 31, 2000

Apple wins kudos for accessibility and smart home tech empowering people with disabilities – May 18, 2017
Stevie Wonder thanks Steve Jobs, praises Apple for iOS accessibility – September 15, 2011


  1. like Stevie Wonder, impressed by Apple’s commitment to accessibility since Steve Jobs day.

    But on a side note, look at those Apple staffers, just a fraction of the 100,000 Apple has …. and people tell me they have ‘lack of resources’ (flamers gave me this excuse over and over again here at MDN) to work on the Mac Pro since 2013 .. especially when a kid in a basement can make a Hackintosh several times faster than the Cylinder… (not to mention the neglect of the Apple TV, the Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Monitors, routers… etc )

    1. There IS no excuse for Apple’s carelessness and malfeasance in several areas that serve their pro users — and they themselves came close to admitting to it, when they staged that out-of-the-way mea culpa sit-down with a handful of Mac writers.

      But even then they couldn’t manage to shed the “we’re Apple, we know what’s best” mentality, which oozed through their supposed contrition.

      I could see through it; I knew they were talking to us only because Tim Cook sent them out there to stop the bleeding from self-inflicted wounds. Stevie Wonder could see through it.

      If they are true to their word, and deliver the goods in 6-18 months, they might fully heal from their wounds. But they will have hobbled for such a long time — on the crutches of gadgets from iPod to iPhone to Watch — they might have gone permanently lame.

        1. “… shed the “we’re Apple, we know what’s best” mentality, which oozed through their supposed contrition.”

          Herself turns a fine sentence, for a girl.

    2. Slightly more than half of those employee resources are in retail (roughly 60,000 out of 116,000).

      It’s always been said that most Apple computer projects are done by small work teams and many times some of those employees are shared between projects. At least that’s the way it worked years ago. Of course, I have no clue how things are done now. However, I would think it’s done the same way to keep projects under secrecy and just to have better control.

      I’m sure Samsung doesn’t do things this way. They probably have dozens of teams working on anything that can be imagined with lots of competition among teams. A nice free-for-all effort. I’m sure that’s how they can pump out all those (smartphone) product models.

      1. From what I can see coming out of them, they appear to have adopted the agile methodology which puts delivering to the customer for feedback OVER working out ALL the bugs. As a result, they likely aren’t sharing resources between teams as much anymore.

      2. 60,000 … go count the products they make….

        Please note also the 60,000 don’t do any MANUFACTURING… they just design, manage etc. The manufacturing is done by the contract guys in China, Samsung, Corning etc.

    3. That’s because “lack of resources” still leaves hope that something someday may be done when they “have more resources”. They would rather think that than think “Apple is focused on PostPC and are just keeping the macOS around until they can get there”. This is a future they don’t WANT to believe is coming, so they’ll grasp onto anything that says otherwise.

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