EU Commissioner Vestager: Ireland ‘taking too long’ to recover Apple tax

“EU’s Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager told CNBC that Irish authorities are ‘taking too long’ to get [so-called] unpaid taxes from Apple,” Silvia Amaro reports for CNBC.

“Speaking to CNBC over the phone on Thursday, Vestager said she hopes Ireland will recover 13 billion euros ($14.46 billion) from Apple ‘very soon,'” Amaro reports. “The European Commission ruled last August that Ireland had granted undue tax benefits of up to 13 billion euros to Apple. The illegal tax aid has created tensions between Brussels and Dublin, given that the latter doesn’t want to be seen as unfriendly to business.”

Amaro reports, “Apple’s Tim Cook dubbed the decision on its tax arrangements with Ireland as ‘political crap.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Is Ireland its own country or merely a vassal state to a quasi-governmental political confederation that’s already been hit with one very significant defection?

Anyone who decides to set up a business in a European Union member country today is insane.MacDailyNews, August 30, 2016

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  1. You join the EU you gotta play according to EU decisions. You subject yourself to EU laws and regulations you must submit to EU rules. The only way to be free of EU is not sell any product or stash any money in an EU country. These boys play for keeps.

        1. Until it’s Caracas and the people beat down the door and give you a Mussolini Blanket Party.

          power to the people, right on.

      1. The tax follows IP creation, not distribution of products. There is no significant IP created in the EU for Apple products as far as I know. However EU countries (and others globally) do collect a significant consumer tax called a VAT which is harmonized collection of many taxes. That provides a LOT of money from taxes.

    1. The last I read:

      1) The Irish parliament voted to NOT collect the EU imposed taxes from Apple

      2) Ireland IS (Bot is wrong, again) appealing the EU finding.

      3) Apple IS appealing the EU finding.

      IOW: The EU can bitch all it likes. There are protocols in place for appeal, plus Ireland has thrown the ball back at the EU, leaving THEM to figure how to enforce their finding.

  2. The US may allow tax money to return to US at a lower corporate rate. This could drain those accounts held in the EU. As there is an EU credit for tax paid, Ireland may not actually get this money. Perhaps this may underlie the pressure to get the money now.

    1. When our president overcomes Traitor John McCain and his lovely wife, Graham Cracker…the 15% corporate tax will bring back jobs, money and real hope roaring iback to our shores.

      “Money goes where it is welcome.” – Rand Paul

    2. Of course, the lunatic exorbitant US tax on overseas corporate profit is THE problem. Supposedly, this is going to be addressed in the vaporous US tax system overhaul. We wait…

      My POV: No more frickin’ tax holidays. Just make a reasonable tax rate permanent.

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