Apple plans major retail expansion in India with over 100 new reseller stores

“Apple has set up over 100 small stores in India under the franchise mode in the pilot phase of an initiative aimed at a six-fold expansion of such outlets in the country in the next year to take on Samsung Electronics and Chinese rivals,” Writankar Mukherjee reports for The Economic Times.

“These stores, each 450-500 square feet in area, are known as Apple Authorised Resellers and are distinct from the company-owned outlets,” Mukherjee reports.

Mukherjee reports, “The Apple Authorised Resellers are a format through which the company plans to widen its presence in highrental, high street locations in large cities, neighbourhood localities and tier II and III markets, said two of its senior trade partners.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPhone sales numbers in India are going to explode!

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  1. More planeterary jobs, it’s a good thing that the chump hasn’t instigated a program to ‘Protect the Nation from Domestic Humanists Leaving the Country”.

    1. Maybe in a few years, wealthy Indian iPhone owners will be on the phone to call centers in Dallas and Fort Worth, speaking to help centers staffed by reinstated Mexican illegal immigrants. Yes, my imagination transcends today’s tired tropes, and features many dramatic reversals. Insane? Hardly. History provides many similar examples, and my history books were written before some jackass set out to manufacture fake news wholesale. Herodotus wasn’t fooled by the tongue-wagging of losers and wannabes.

      1. A role reversal is not the way to advance humanity. There are two ways to go about being great. One is to kick anyone and everyone else, and your nation does that so well with that whaaaaaaaaaa ohbummer wire tapped my chump tower and whaaaaaaaaa I don’t need any proof and whaaaaaaa pay attention to me cause I’m such a great drama queen attention whore.

        The other way is to drop the nationalistic knife fight and join the Gaia gala, where humans are put first and freedom and justice are not pieces of paper to fly around but actions to follow and live by.

        True greatness is being on the human team, not hiding like gutless cowards behind a wall.

        Walk the talk.

          1. Do I have to do Catherine too?

            You are asking about Alexander III of Macedon (356 BC – 323 BC), being great (of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average). While there is certain completion in your question there is an element lacking, that of a clear parameter.

            Part of what made Alexander the Great great was his military conquests (and yes no doubt that torture slavery, rape and so on were part and parcel of that culture at the time) and the resulting integration of cultures, seeding of people, establishing a common language, and other foundations for the Greco-Roman Empire.

            Was he a great musician? I have no clue, he probably did play some instrument, a noble man would probably know something about music and everything else in those days. Was he a great cook? Can’t say I ever saw a recipe book with his name on it. How was his pottery, his sewing ability? Was he a great writer? Don’t know what he wrote per se, but he was a reader and that was exceptional in those days. His greatness oscillates as you modify the parameter.

            Now onto the obvious elephant in the room. You can call a nation great yet if you apply different parameters to it, you’ll be all over the map with it. You call your nation great or on the way to being great, and it makes me consider certain parameters. Your nation is obviously a great military might and a great war mongering nation, a terrorist one at that and you are absolutely great at it. When it comes to being a peaceful nation on the other hand, you simply are not great, in fact by the global peace index, you are in fact, well below average.

            Essentially what you’ve got is a half wit mantra, so while this lovely MAGA, MAGA, MAGA, going, for others it really translates into Make Asshole Go Away, with a nice tar and feathered wall on the south and a trench on the north that you are already paying for, that’s the future of your country, watching the tabloid chump twatting about how illegals are breathing your air and how they must be punished for it. Kiss my crystal balls. Your nation makes great talk, but when it comes to the walk, your greatness lies it your country’s mediocrity. You have great style, put on a great show but when it comes to substance the greatness is so very lacking.

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            Make Yourselves Peaceful For Once (MYPFO).

            1. Road Warrior: the acronym maker, and repurposer of slogans! You have a knack for wordplay, better even than botvinnik’s, because you morph and juggle the words, keeping them always fresh, whilst maintaining the same sardonic edge.

              The appellation “the Great,” always capitalised, has been reserved by historians for those few monarchs who utterly transformed the operation of the State to the benefit of his or her subjects. It’s only been a month, but “Trump the Grinch” seems a more likely future title. The psychology of the man is one I recognise from years ago, where school-age moral character begins to develop… Some develop socially and learn to respect others. Some see no need to waste time with losers, unless it’s to beat them up in a display for their gang.

            2. Oh, you make me blush with your complement and you know buttery will get you underwear.

              I am not however being cynical, I’m an optimist so even though peace is currently a threat to your sovereignty I do believe that one day sooner or later you will find that humanitarian way back, or enjoy the tar pit that is currently consuming you.

              I think in this circumstance that using the TITLE for anyone is an insecure effort to establish some sort of greatness, you know for the show. Moving back one can see a much better perspective, oh there’s a black head and oh there’s that whhhhaaaa Iraq has a weapons of mass destruction program whhhhaaaa still exuding military pus on the world, the more you pull back the more that you see that the chump is no more than the most recent zit on a pus face crying out in your war whine, whhhhaaaaa obummer wire tapped me and I don’t need proof.

              He’s a tabloid president, a great show lacking any significant substance. He’s a great representative of what your nation has become.

              What your nation will become, well that’s why I’m optimistic.

              Pus on the mirror
              Pus on the wall
              Had these zits, since the fall.
              I walk around attacking each race.
              No one dares call me pizza face.

        1. “Make America great again.” The downtrodden and disenfranchised liked that, because they felt left out of the economic bonanza called globalization, viewing corporations as the agencies calling the political shots and running the planet, paying off politicians to make it happen. Voters rolled the dice yet again, and yet again got snake-eyes.

  2. To sell what? Phones that would take them 5 years to pay off. Or, how about the “Insult iPhone”, IiPhone, you know the one, it’s the one that insults a peoples’ dignity, by offering the Indian people the rest of the worlds used discarded iPhones. A second bite of the Apple, use crap to India and still charge a ridiculous price.

    Apple just pay the 80% of the profits to shareholders, 90%, if you, Apple, wants to pay no taxes.

    1. 1) nobody is forcing anybody to buy an iPhone. If you don’t want to buy an expensive iPhone you are PERFECTLY FREE to buy any piece of crap you want (Apple doesn’t stick a gun to anyones head) , but…

      2) a USED iPhone is at least 10 times better than a NEW Android, most probably a lot better than that

      3) Indians are in lower income bracket regardless of how Indians feel about it. $56000+ per capita USA, $1600+ India, even the Chinese have several times the per capita than Indians at $8000 (world bank 2015 stats) . So some Indians actually WANT to buy used iPhones (because of point 2 above). But apple is insulting NOBODY, you are free to buy a NEW iPhone in India or or other places if you want.

      4) No shareholders don’t take 80-90% of the profits. Show me the data if you can. Apple has been around for about 40 years, the total dividend payout to shareholders for all years combined is about 50 billion , last year ALONE Apple made a profit of near 50 billion . And that 50 b is from revenues of 200+ billion ( i.e the vast bulk of apple’s earnings is spent on salaries to hundreds of thousands of workers from Apple and it’s suppliers all round the world, plus tens of billions in tax. Apple is the largest taxpayer in USA. Apple also spends tens of billions buying companies to build it’s processors etc ).

    2. “still charge a ridiculous price.”

      not to many Americans.

      Americans can afford them because they are willing to spend on BETTER PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS like iPhones ( which help them make more money)

      (in other forums I’ve debated so often with Indians who claim they are ‘so smart’ because they ‘save’ by buying Android and they keep painting Apple as evil. But perhaps this mentality on ‘cheapening out on productivity tools’ is what keeps them poor? )

  3. Small stores. That seems a safe move. But 100 of them? I’m sceptical. India remains a country with profound poverty and ignorance. I’m not so sure that bending over backwards to please India’s government is a great idea for Apple’s profits. But I don’t live there, so we’ll see.

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