Apple can conquer the PC world – if they want to

“I’m relatively new to the world of Apple products, having bought my first iPad in 2011, my first iPhone in 2013 and my first Mac in 2015,” Marty Edwards writes for Apple World Today. “The more I use the company’s products, the more I have come to appreciate them and how reliable they are, not only as stand-alone devices, but in how well they work together. The hardware is the best made, and the software is rock solid.”

“Communication between the Apple devices make[s] the entire ecosystem much more convenient than any other company offers,” Edwards writes. “Truly, the more Apple products you have connected to the same account, you realize just how convenient everything is.”

“Apple could really make headway into the PC market if they were to push these benefits and promote them via commercials and other media,” Edwards writes. “Now is the time to provide a strong selection of Macs and continually provide upgrades. I am in the market for an iMac but want to wait for new ones. I would enjoy my main computer being a Mac Pro, but not at the 2013 specs of the ‘current’ one. I feel the PC market has much low hanging fruit for Apple if they will simple seize the opportunity.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Welcome to the Mac (and iPhone and iPad), Marty!

We’re old enough to remember when Apple updated Macs and even advertised them, as opposed to sitting around with their thumbs up their asses frittering away blatantly obvious opportunities. So, yes, we’d love to see Apple both update and promote Macs again, too!

That said, Apple has already conquered the “PC world.” Apple is the number one personal computer maker on the planet and has been for years now. Apple’s computers are on more desks, on more laps, and in more pockets, purses, backpacks and briefcases than any other maker’s personal computers.

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    1. And that is one of their most shortsighted mistakes (along with axing the display business and neglecting schools )…… those eventually will turn around and bite them in their own ass and discredit the platform and the brand.

      Apple : dont forget your Legs just becouse u have something nice in your hands for the moment (the iphone )

      1. And … the thought that the “iPhone is forever” is likely to be false, too.

        There will most likely be new devices to replace the iPhone as we know it now. After all, when I get a notification whether text or an incoming call, I would rather “see” it on my glasses or sunglasses and be able to deal with it from there rather than dig out my phone.

  1. They totally need to keep on top of their Mac line. I prefer my Mac to a PC a million times over (and if I really need to use Windows, I can just use it in Bootcamp). And I know there are plenty of users to make sure the Mac pays for itself. It’s not a matter of doing Mac vs. iOS devices – do both!

    1. Considering the state of Mac hardware – and also Windows 10 – you might want to check out a few Linux distributions and desktop environments. Personally, my favorite is Ubuntu Gnome, with a few extensions. Linux might not have all the frills of OS X (i.e. iMessage, iTunes Store, Handoff), but it gets the job done, it’s a pretty nice OS, and it’s not Windows. Before trying Windows 10, you might want to read this:

  2. There is still a considerable market in computers and money to be made but it doesn’t have the razzmatazz it used to. But why ignore it? Especially as the most successful ecosystem. Why not instead market everything still as “must haves” than be apathetic or give up on any one segment thereby weakening your entire ecosystem?

    And while you’re at it start an Enterprise Business Dept. and pay Enterprise software folks to make Mac versions – superior ones. The money Apple is leaving on the table is considerable and short-sighted.

    1. Peter… its not just the money issue that is stupid and short sighted…. its the creadibilty of the platform and the brand too.

      A comprehensive , coherent lineup of products… without which the brand looks sloppy and fragmented.

        1. Wholeheartedly agree with both you and Jimbo.

          I need serious Mac Pros with expand options and the best in the business computers the world has ever seen.

          Clueless Cook needs to retire to a warm beach house with turquoise waters …

  3. We got a new media guy where I work. The Apple trashcan we leased for $10K three years ago was up for renewal. New media guy says, “I’m getting a PC instead, since it will be much cheaper and much more powerful for video editing.”

    I didn’t even attempt to make an argument to the contrary.

    1. Look, we all may be truly disappointed by the state of the Mac. However, in the absolute world and in comparison with the rest, even this old trashcan Mac is still more efficient, more reliable and more practical tool for video editing. Stuff such as colour sync / colour profiles, system stability and security, hardware reliability etc… Even with three year old hardware, these devices are still a better purchase than any Windows configuration you might buy today. Because you see, the total cost-of-ownership isn’t simply the ratio between purchase price and hardware performance. There are many other factors in the math that affect the final bottom line. What good is it that your new Windows PC has much more modern chipset and graphics card, when good number of those CPU clocks have to be wasted on inefficient Windows code (because Windows still must include libraries for 32-bit and 16-bit support; hell, even DOS support!!), not to mention constant CPU vacuum, the anti-malware utility that must never be shut down.

      Article such as this one can remind us that yes, despite everything, Mac is still a far superior platform than anything else. I don’t doubt that this revelation infuriates some of us even more (“imagine where it would be if Apple put even just a little bit of effort into the platform!”), but the fact remains that there is still simply nothing better.

      Having said all that, it seems to me that Apple considers Mac a vestige of a very old, obsolete paradigm that they would truly very much like to completely terminate and focus on multi-touch computing devices. Perhaps along Jobs’s lines: “I would milk the Macintosh for all it’s worth – and get busy on the next great thing. The PC wars are over”.

        1. And before Apple much marketshare. Back then, the Mac’s marketshare was probably like what Linux’s marketshare is now. At this point, the Mac is probably around 20%. The more popular the Mac becomes, the higher a priority it should become for Apple.

      1. “Even with three year old hardware, these devices are still a better purchase than any Windows configuration you might buy today.”

        And just then, the delusional fanboy woke up …

  4. Marty nailed it on the head. This is why Apple can be so frustrating. They have a huge opportunity to really make a dent in the PC market (desktops, laptops, workstations). With reasonable prices, regular updates and advertising Apple could double their market share.

    There are advantages to doubling market share.

    1. Spread the fixed development costs over more units thereby lowering development cost per unit.

    2. Lower component costs because of larger orders.

    3. Larger opportunity to sell more services.

    4. Sell additional Apple products. (I bought an iMac first, then an iPad, then an iPhone, iPod nano, Apple Airport Extreme.)

    These four advantages should more than offset the lower price points.

    Microsoft and the PC manufactures are behind but they are slowly catching up. Seize the opportunity to introduce the Apple echo system (Macs) to as many as possible.

    1. I think the PC manufacturers have more than caught up in many objective measures. Apple has nobody to blame but itself for losing the PC market. Microsoft handed Apple the golden opportunity to own 75%+ or the PC market profits by releasing Vista and then later Windows 8. But all this time Apple ignored Mac users at all levels. Apple let Microsoft fix its worst OS issues with Win 7 and then later with Win 10. Am I saying Windows is as good as Sierra? Well, sad to say, but yes I am. Apple no longer leads. Cook is a follower and while PCs moved forward, the Mac has been practically stagnant

      Prove me wrong: what function does Sierra do that Win10 cannot?
      And don’t muddy the waters with price tags and 3rd party software or expansion. What does a Mac do out of the box that Windows doesn’t do as efficiently? In my experience, both interfaces suck, no thanks to Ive. So as long as both interfaces require too many clicks and too many hidden features, why go with the one that is chained to obsolete hardware that costs too much????

  5. Oh good. I thought he was going to suggest licensing macOS to other manufacturers. Been there, done that, hated it.

    Why Apple fell out of love with the Mac is unfathomable to me. But we’re seeing signs that application of the Apple prod is working.

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