“The iPhone is the best selling product ever, making Apple perhaps the best business ever. Because of the iPhone, Apple has managed to survive to a relatively old age,” Horace Dediu writes for Asymco. “Not only did it build a device base well over 1 billion it engendered loyalty and satisfaction described only by superlatives.”

“To summarize,” Dediu writes, “I can offer two numbers: 1,162,796,000 iPhones sold (to end of March 2017). $742,912,000,000 in revenues. $1 trillion will be reached in less than 18 months.”

“But more important than any of these quantifiable measures of success are the unquantified accomplishments. These are the changes we note only when flipping an A/B switch on a decade. The changes ushered by the iPhone have been as momentous as those of the Ford Model T. Or those of electricity, telegraph, radio or TV,” Dediu writes. “I believe that future historians will point to the iPhone as the technological product that defined the 21st century.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Truly revolutionary.

I want to put a ding in the universe. — Steve Jobs

Jobs certainly succeeded; likely beyond even his wildest dreams.

Steve Jobs

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