“Steve Jobs would be proud of this one,” John Brandon writes for Computerworld. “10 years after the iPhone debuted, on June 28 of 2007, the smartphone that started it all is still going strong. From the latest sales figures I’ve seen, the phone has sold well over 1 billion units worldwide.”

“My own fascination with the “Jesus phone” (as it was called) started on launch day,” Brandon writes. “Ror users it was like coming out of a cave compared to those early “smartphones” running Windows Mobile. I still remember testing a Samsung phone from around that period in 2007 where you had to use a stylus on the screen and tap, tap, tap a few times to get anything to open. It was like using a stone tablet.”

MacDailyNews Take: And then they, along with Google, colluded to knockoff Apple’s iPhone. Poorly. IP be damned.

Now, the question to ask is — how long will the iPhone reign?” Brandon writes. “Here’s my official prediction. By the next decade, we won’t be using smartphones as often… Bots with AI will know when we want to know about the weather because the sky gets dark or the thunder sounds. Bots will tell us what we need to know when we need to know it, instead of forcing us to use an app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our ubiquitous computing experience will be powered by Apple.

iPhone launched on June 29, 2007. We’ve been Day One flagship iPhone users every year since because there is only one true smartphone.

Apple's revolutionary first generation iPhone

Apple’s revolutionary first generation iPhone

Apple took 83% of smartphone market profits in calendar first quarter – May 16, 2017