“Ten years ago this week, the iPhone arrived in stores — and the world was never the same,” CBS News reports. “Because of the iPhone, we now take it for granted that we’re on the Internet all of the time. Because of the iPhone, we have everything from an old Radio Shack ad in our pockets: Computer, calculator, camcorder, alarm clock, phone, music player, answering machine, and tape recorder.”

“Two weeks before the phone went on sale, Apple quietly handed iPhones to four tech reporters to review: Steven Levy, editor in chief of Backchannel, who worked at Newsweek at the time; Ed Baig, of USA Today; Walt Mossberg, the executive editor of The Verge, who was then at the Wall Street Journal; and [David] Pogue, [tech critic for Yahoo Finance], then of The New York Times,” CBS News reports. “In celebration of the iPhone’s tenth birthday, the first four people outside Apple ever to use an iPhone sat down to reminisce.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s “Hello” television commercial for their revolutionary iPhone: