Apple’s revolutionary iPhone turns 10

“Today, Cupertino’s most famous device turns 10 years old,” Arielle Pardes writes for Wired. “From its original release, the story of the iPhone has always been one about pushing the boundaries of what you could do with the power of a tiny computer in your pocket.”

“But the story of the iPhone decade isn’t really one story at all,” Pardes writes. “Instead, it’s a tangle of narratives about how this device would forever change the way people make and use technology.”

“Here was one device—the one device—that could do everything. By the second generation, your iPhone was your GPS. By the third, its 3-megapixel camera rivaled your digital camera and made shooting video as easy as tapping the screen,” Pardes writes. “By the fourth generation, the addition of Siri made clear that the iPhone would achieve things far beyond the confines of its hardware — the same things that, even today, draw the map for the future of the smartphone. And along the way, a constellation of apps sold through the iPhone’s iconic App Store changed the way people do everything, from finding a ride to finding a date.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Happy birthday, revolutionary iPhone!

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