Trump administration blacklists Huawei putting Apple at risk of retaliation from China

“The latest U.S. broadside against Huawei that puts the Chinese firm on an exports blacklist threatens to rattle the global tech supply chain, linked closely to the $105 billion business of the world’s top supplier of telecoms network equipment,” Reuters reports. “The Trump administration has said it would add Huawei Technologies and 70 affiliates to its ‘Entity List’ – a move that will likely ban the firm from acquiring U.S. components and technology without government approval, adding another incendiary element to the U.S.-China trade war. The ban is not yet effective.”

“It would disrupt Huawei’s business at a minimum and all but put it out of business in an extreme, while its U.S. suppliers would also be hit, [analysts] said,” Reuters reports. “On the other hand, U.S. companies like Apple face the risk of severe retaliation from China, a key market.”

Huawei’s “business has come under pressure over the past year given mounting international scrutiny, led by U.S. allegations that its equipment could be used by Beijing for spying, a concern the company has said is unfounded,” Reuters reports. “While the president’s order did not specifically name any country or company, U.S. officials have previously labeled Huawei a ‘threat.’ ‘The U.S. seems to have already decided to nail Huawei down,’ said the China-based U.S. tech company source. ‘The problem is that because there doesn’t seem to be a prospect for a trade deal in the near future, the U.S. has expedited the process of killing Huawei.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another impetus for China to get to a deal, perhaps?

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  1. It’s clear now that Trump does not know what he’s doing, cannot make or close a deal, knows only chaos and “me me me.” The problem is not that he’s “conservative,” which he’s really not. The problem is that he’s a lazy, undisciplined malignant narcissist who knows nothing about policy and won’t take advice from people who do.

    1. That’s right! In all of Trump’s decades of business in corrupt NYC (dealings and negotiations between government officials, unions, suppliers, the mob), he has never made or closed a deal. In all his years of doing business internationally, he couldn’t make or close a deal. Knows nothing about what is going on down on the ground to get a project to completion. That’s right… he has absolutely no idea what he is doing. Lazy, too.

      1. If you wanna know who can really make a sweet deal with China, read up on Biden’s dealings with China (for his son’s company) while he was VP. Now, that’s how you make a deal (with the enemy for your own benefit)! Good job, Joey B!

      2. Yes Mr. Knot, and for all the corrupt deals made throughout the world, he’s skirtied the law by the skin of his teeth…including the latest. He’s talent involves evasion.

        And, Huawei is just a company researching, inventing and selling products for in a selfless market-manner…no country specific allegiance.

        Call me about the bridge I have for sale.

  2. The ones that are going to be harmed are the consumers in USA.
    Increasing tariffs make people in USA pay more . And now those consumers are not having less choice .

  3. Anybody who thinks more pressure on China will create “another impetus for China to get to a deal” hasn’t spent enough time following geopolitics. The course that Trump has set this nation on will inevitably end up with U.S.’s hybrid war on China going hot. Once you figure in that we are heading to a hot war with Iran, already being in a hybrid war there, too, and China and Russia are strategic allies with Iran, well, it’s a no-brainer.

    Trump’s use of CAATSA will ensure that the EU, Russia, Iran, N. Korea, China, Venezuela, and many other countries will be drug in to WWIII. There is no way that Trump will win his hybrid (economic, political, covert and psychological) wars without going hot, and to go hot will be the end of the Apple as we know it.

    1. Long before the ass came to the W.H. people (me) have said over and over Apple needs to diversify where they make devices, make devices in China, US, and Europe spread it out so that the other two locations can take over if one area is in danger stop the buybacks and get it done…..Timmy the money is there.

        1. When Apple tells you they can’t afford it 100,000 people at 60,000 dollars per year (AVERAGE) is 6 billion dollars a year, Apple will waste 100 billion in stock buybacks this year alone, energy and material is the same cost thru-out the world and land in Europe and US or anywhere (if you can even buy it in most third world countries they don’t allow you to) is cheap for a multinational company most companies of Apple’s size have grown beyond land cost ie.. a millionaire doesn’t care about dropping twenty dollars.

          1. It isn’t that they can’t afford 100,000 people. It’s that they can’t find 100,000 qualified people in the US who are all willing to relocate to a factory city (either with or without their 200,000 dependents) to work a seasonal job that has extended furloughs between product years. If they could, what US city has the infrastructure to support all those additional people (and the further hundreds of thousands in secondary employment to serve them)?

    2. Then there is this, today, from the Global Times, an official newspaper of the Chinese Government:

      “Time to discard any illusions about the US

      …The US has completely abandoned commercial principles and disregarded law. Its barbaric behavior against Huawei by resorting to administrative power can be viewed as a declaration of war on China…

      The trade war launched by the US is becoming more and more like real war. At its core is the US resorts to unscrupulous means to suppress China while China is committed to crushing US arrogance. The US has been telling its people that China would soon make compromises, and we must break such lies by making clear China will not sign any unequal deal.

      … Chinese society must acknowledge that a fiercer strategic rivalry is unavoidable. Huawei cannot lose, nor can China. This is a real concern of our generation and the responsibility we should bear for China’s future.”

      MAGA Trumpistas have no clue what the Huawei deal means to China. Thinking simply that a little more pressure will conclude a deal is ignorance of the nth degree.

  4. I always love the clueless arm chair non-politicians that listen to the lying media and think that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing.. He knows exactly what he’s doing and when he more than likely succeeds, America will be the better for it.

    1. The corrupt person in the W.H. isn’t getting anything done any subcontractor in the northeast that has worked with him or his dad would say otherwise. He is Slumlord.

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