The media is lying to you about President Trump’s China tariffs

“I’m used to partisan, inaccurate drivel from all sides these days, but the media’s coverage of President Trump’s tariffs and the so-called ‘trade war’ takes some kind of cake,” Brett Arends writes for MarketWatch. “There’s no serious doubt that some in the media would absolutely love to tank the stock market. They figure that would hurt Trump’s re-election chances in 2020. ”

“I write this, incidentally, as someone who is no fan of the president. But I remember when politics was supposed to stop at the water’s edge,” Arends writes. “And, anyway, facts are facts. Most of what the public is being told about these tariffs is either misleading or a downright lie.”

“Yes, tariffs are ‘costs.’ But they do not somehow destroy our money. They do not take our hard-earned dollars and burn them in a big pile. Tariffs are simply federal taxes. That’s it. The extra costs paid by importers, and consumers, goes to Uncle Sam, to distribute as he sees fit, including, for example, on Obamacare subsidies,” Arends writes. “It wasn’t long ago the media was complaining because Trump was cutting taxes. Now it’s complaining he’s raising them.”

“And the amounts involved are trivial. Chicken feed,” Arends writes. “President Trump just hiked tariffs from 10% to 25% on about $200 billion in Chinese imports. In other words, he just raised taxes by … $30 billion a year. Oh, no! The total amount we all paid in taxes last year — federal, state and local — was $5.51 trillion. This tax increase that has everyone’s panties in a twist is a rounding error.”

“Don’t buy the hysteria. President Trump is simply trying to pressure our biggest competitor to buy more American goods,” Arends writes. “That should be a good thing, even if you don’t like him.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wait, the media are overreacting and hyping up something well beyond recognition in order to attract eyeballs, taps, and clicks? Say it ain’t so!

People tend to fear the worst. It almost never happens.MacDailyNews, May 14, 2019

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  1. If some of media would figure out that telling the truth and actually report the news, not spin it, lie, they might actually get more people to actually watch their shows and read their papers.. But that will never happen, so…. no media clicks and no buying their birdcage fodder..

      1. Impossible. Nancy Pelosi is incapable of telling the truth. Just like cryin’ Chuck Schumer.

        1. If Demomrat politicians actual told the truth, it would eliminate the entire Demomrat party in a single election. That’s why the lie…And, their voters are too stupid to know the difference.

        2. You lemmings think it’s all “art of the deal” but the fact is he’s been unable to make any real deals. No deal with China, NOKO, Middle East, Infrastructure, Health Insurance, Wall… none in sight. And HRC is never going to be locked up. Stop please stop the B.S. So far he’s ruled mostly by executive order – exactly what he criticized Obama for.. and he FAR exceeded the number of golf outings Obama had in 8 years – before his first term is even over.

            1. BS. You know damn well Faux attacked Obama daily.

              Today Faux is trying hard to keep one foot on the billionaire conservative platform and one foot on Trump’s drifting raft. It’s getting downright hilarious to see the logical pretzeling.

            2. lol, yes Fox News told the truth about Obama. They are only one news outlet against thousands of lying and FAKE NEWS outlets against Trump since he took office and 92% was NEGATIVE coverage. So, obviously you have no sense of political scale. Please try to keep up.

        3. Nancy Pelosi may be a liar but Trump isn’t far behind. Regardless, his tweeting has yet to help him with deal negotiation. It’s one of many reasons he’s accomplished very little – but of course you lemmings don’t factor that in. You’ve been saying from day one it’s his “strategy”. Results speak for themselves. Good economy? Sure – despite the mistakes of this President. Zero accountability means there’s zero self reflection. And given he immediately fires anyone who criticizes him in his admin there’s little chance of improvement. I hate the mutha f**kr but would still like to see him to succeed. So far he’s only proven what his critics have said since day one. So far zero deals, only executive orders.

            1. But the reason the economy is supposedly good and jobs are supposedly plentiful – that narrative is 80% lie, 20% truth. Trump declared he had fixed the economy on day two of his presidency. Just his sheer presence. Fact is the previous admin dug us out of a terrible economy and put the country on the right trajectory. But since the Faux News narrative from day one of the Obama presidency was that he was the devil – it’s nearly impossible for any Trump lemming to understand that.

            2. Sure, jimbo, the jobs are what they are: farmers bailed out by federal welfare, and auto makers slashing jobs like it was 2008.


              Don’t pretend your retirement savings are safe either. FANG stocks are teetering as their manufacturing & suppliers are hanging in the balance of a dictatorial government decision.

              Shall we look again at Trump’s stellar stock market performance thus far? Maybe this isn’t shown at the MAGA rallies….

        4. First Whatever displays once again that he is just another paid partisan troll — can’t even stay on topic.

          Every major US consumer company has admitted that consumer prices are going up. If you can’t stand the media, then listen to the companies that provide you stuff everyday. Then come back and report the pricing truth instead of playing political games and cherry picking Trumpanzee propaganda.

    1. Truth is whatever you want it to be 🙂 Some adult could shoot an unarmed 16 year old, killing them. The “truth” is that there’s one more dead 16 year old, but the “truth” is also that the adult knows the kid was molesting another kid and deserved to die OR the kid was just a crisis actor trying to make folks hate guns and in reality, they didn’t die!! LOL

      “Dead kid” is boring news. You could truth that until you’re blue in the face and it would NEVER get more attention than the more artfully written truths! 🙂

      1. Are you talking about Obama and 1. You can keep your doctor, 2) Obamacare will save the average American $2500 per year, 3) I did not use the IRS to attack conservatives, 4) I will run the most transparent administration ever.

        All pure lies from the greatest liar ever, since Bill Clinton.

        1. Add to your awesome list kent, USED will NEVER acknowledge the dirty deeds of his many heros Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strzok and cheating sex partner architects of the Trump insurance policy. For all time you will only read semantic deflection defense of his team or nothing at all. Rest assured, not ONE HONEST WORD. Any person who constantly betrays his claims cannot be TRUSTED. The reckoning USER — is indeed, coming…

      2. Right on queue the FAKE CONSERVATIVE who HATES President Trump and will NEVER, EVER give him an atomic particle of credit, no matter how well the economy is roaring and unemployment at hostoric lows. Same old, same old USER…

        1. GoeB uses his label maker to expose his partisanship again.

          What exactly is a “fake” conservative? Someone who sees that Trump was a lifelong NY Democrat and hasn’t actually changed his disgusting lying ways? He merely provides the xenophobic circus master smokescreen so Trump’s billionaire handlers can keep international money laundering operations going full steam ahead. PRACTICALLY NOTHING that Trump does today is consistent with the formerly golden Reagan policies of the 1980’s. Oh yeah, another democrat-turned-republican. Must be that every modern (R) is a turncoat.

            1. Mike has stated many times he’s independent and I don’t see him extolling democrats. He simply corrects your incessant lies.

              It appears to me that anyone who doesn’t kiss Trump’s ring is “partisan” or “fake” in your twisted world. That’s what happens when you let yourself get suckered into a cult of personality rather than sticking to honorable principles. People like you watch Trump breaking the 10 commandments and then praise him as the next Jesus.

              Trump is an idiot by any objective measure. Any honest man who previously worked with him resigned. True executives like Tillerson for just one example — a businessman who actually made money. Doesn’t that tell you anything?

            2. “Mike has stated many times he’s independent and I don’t see him extolling democrats.”

              Well, I have posted many times I am a fierce lifelong independent and have not seen any evidence of acknowledgement, quite the contrary, whatever.

              Mike and TXuser can claim any party they belong to or not, just as I did, whether true or false. Their words and beliefs are what we watch out for and define them. Journalism Pulitzer Prize winners have been saying for decades don’t watch a politician’s mouth, watch their feet. Voter party registration is simply a perennial game.

              Sorry to read you don’t have the simple respect your mom taught you to write President Trump whether you agree or disagree with his polices.

              I have to disagree, certainly the president is the “next Jesus” in politics that many do not understand. Let’s start with the president rejected a taxpayer salary saving almost two million. More importantly, since the president is a self made billionaire, he can’t be BOUGHT. BTW, the economy is ROARING with no Democrat “magic wand” necessary.

              Think long and deep about the deep state assault, Realist. The Swamp payroll lobbyists are Persona Non Grata in this administration. The nexus for the bogus Russian collusion investigation to cover business as USUAL swamp asses. The wasteful investigation ended empty. The good news is the reckoning is coming for the bad actors.

              President Trump, the TRUE BLUE President for ALL the people!!!

              It never ceases to amaze me millions that still do not understand. I don’t blame the Democratic Party with skin in the game playing day to day full court political PRESSURE.

              The majority of the blame is the dishonest enablers in the media that attempt to brainwash the ignorant…

      3. No, kent, I’m not talking about Obama or Clinton, because whatever misstatements of fact every Democratic Party President since Thomas Jefferson may have uttered (1) are irrelevant to the current China tariffs and (2) do not justify lies by the present President. (Definition: a lie is a false statement made intentionally with reckless disregard for the truth).

        The following presidential statements made just this week are lies because any reasonable person knows better and we know that the President’s own advisers have briefed him on the truth:

        • That US tariffs are being paid by China, not by US taxpayers.

        • That the money going into the US Treasury is not a tax increase on US citizens.

        • That the existing tariffs have only harmed China, and did not cost US firms and shoppers $68 Billion in 2018.

        • That raising the tariffs will make that situation better, rather than worse.

        • That the new tariffs will generate massive revenue from imports, when the whole point of any tariff is to reduce imports.

        • That the tariffs are justified by a bilateral imbalance in cash flow that economists agree does not reflect an imbalance in value received.

        • That protectionist strategies like high tariffs are a better tool than targeted sanctions (or any other remedy) for issues like industrial espionage and IP theft that tariffs cannot fix.

        • That American businesses (and farmers) who sell to China can find another market the same size.

        • That American firms that buy from China will move manufacturing and their supply chain back to America rather than to an even cheaper Third-World country.

        • That American farmers would prefer to go on the Federal dole, rather than simply sell their products at a fair price in a free market.

        • That predatory Chinese practices must be stopped by unilateral US action, rather than by working with other countries.

        • That any multilateral agreement—no matter what its terms might be—aimed specifically at curbing the expansion of China (like the Trans-Pacific Partnership explicitly was) is inevitably a bad deal for the USA.

        • That the US needs to dictate bilateral agreements instead, and insulting our allies and their leaders is a good way to do that.

        • There are more, but I’m tired of this. Amazingly, most of the posters on an Apple-centric website don’t care that Apple is about to get shafted.

        1. “Misstatements” = lies.

          Obama used the FBI and the DOJ as his personal Praetorian Guard to destroy his enemies using all the resources of the Federal Government to spy, and lie and investigate and imprison and coerce. And now the coup attempt is being exposed. Democrats are being shown to love the idea of a Democrat President happily ordering massive lawbreaking and a real coup against a legally elected President. It is the worst crime in American history and Obama and Clinton and their subordinates must all be tried, convicted and the executed for their attempt to destroy the legal processes of our country.

          1. Bringing up Obama again is what GeoB correctly calls deflection. To repeat, lying by Democrats is not remotely relevant to whether The President is dealing honestly with the American people. Two wrongs do not make a right. The Mueller investigation, righteous or unrighteous, has next to nothing to do with Apple. Chinese tariffs, on the other hand, might have quite a lot to do with Apple. As GeoB might say, “Get with the program. ‘Nuff said.”

            1. Severe outbreak of ‘Whataboutism’ no less. Also amazing is the pure ‘revenge’ glee that goes hand in hand with Trumpism. Absolutely hideous.

            2. “Bringing up Obama again is what GeoB correctly calls deflection.”

              You are absolutely correct.

              But the problem with your posts is you do it yourself ALL THE TIME with impunity and no semblance or acknowledgement of fairness. No wonder you support Hillary so vigorously.

              Moral of your post: Don’t complain about snow on the neighbor’s doorstep when your doorstep is unclean.

              BTW, the “Deep State” reckoning is COMING…

            3. Same song, fortieth verse, GeoB.

              What is your evidence that I “vigorously support Hillary?” She has been out of office for almost six years and politically irrelevant for nearly three. I honestly don’t give a damn about her. Complaining about her is a waste of breath, and I am old enough to want to conserve every breath I have left. You should let her be, no matter how attractive a bogie-woman she might be for you.

              I was never particularly fond of Clinton (I voted against her husband). Like a lot of other lifelong Republicans, I did vote for her in November 2016, but only because she was less egregiously awful than a candidate that I regarded as the biggest threat to civil liberties since George Wallace carried five states in 1968. The winner has now graduated to become the biggest threat to civil liberties in the White House since at least 1920.

              Candidate Trump received only 45% of the vote in the REPUBLICAN primaries, and that includes the elections held after all the other candidates had dropped out. In the Republican primary where I voted, he got 27%. In November, he got 63 million votes, his opponents got 72, and 90 million eligible voters abstained. His Electoral College majority ranked 46th out of 55 presidential elections (omitting 1800, 1824, and 1876, which were not decided in the College).That is not a mandate to cram a radical—not remotely conservative— agenda down the throats of the majority of the public who have never supported it..

              So, I confess: I am among the 55% of registered Republicans who did not support Mr. Trump’s nomination and the 72% of eligible voters who did not support him in the general election. That does not make me—or any other Republican, Conservative, or Libertarian who opposes particular Trump policies—a liberal Democrat, much less some of the less kind names that have been thrown at us.

            4. “What is your evidence that I vigorously support Hillary?”

              Based on past posts it is clearly obvious. It it not what you say, it is what you don’t say. Your specialty semantics MO.

              “You should let her be, no matter how attractive a bogie-woman she might be for you.”

              Did you just say, “What is your evidence that I vigorously support Hillary?” So lie to the rest of the class that is NOT empirical support for Hillary.

              I’ll let her go when she is JAIL for crimes against the United States. I don’t take my marching orders from CNN and the N.Y. Times like you do.

              “she was less egregiously awful than a candidate that I regarded as the biggest threat to civil liberties since George Wallace carried five states in 1968.”

              Trump is NOT a threat to “civil liberties. You must be thinking of the lying manipulative scumbag money grubbing lawyer Hillary, who not only broke federal law with the e-mail server, also said nothing while her husband was cheating and sexually assaulting dozens of women for DECADES. Every women should be heard, right. Tell me the Hillary Hypocrite did not say that.

              “I did vote for her in November 2016, but only because she was less egregiously awful than a candidate that I regarded as the biggest threat to civil liberties since George Wallace carried five states in 1968.”

              Of course a lying conservative hypocrite like yourself voted for the wrong team. Not a surprise.

              “The winner has now graduated to become the biggest threat to civil liberties in the White House since at least 1920.”

              And just then, you WOKE UP.

              “Candidate Trump received only 45% of the vote in the REPUBLICAN primaries, and that includes the elections held after all the other candidates had dropped out.”

              That would be FIRST TIME candidate Trump won the presidency by an overwhelming margin of the electoral college against the LARGEST war-chest expenditures in history and the media favorite picked by over 80% of editorial board endorsements.

              Glad to read that really burns your butt to this day. Sorry, I don’t feel your pain…

            5. Goeb talks of a deep state reckoning while being willfully oblivious to the Trump organization corruption. Another one prosecuted today. The so called fake witch hunt keeps uncovering felons tied to Trump. It must be hard to keep supporting the scummiest thing in the swamp, Donald Trump. When his illegal DeutcheBank dealings are made public, what will Goeb say? Probably something about an irrelevant democrat.

              Corruption cannot be tolerated. I don’t care what party you endorse, everyone knows Trump is a corrupt con man. Replace the shyster with an honorable conservative. Can the Republicans not find anyone better?????

          2. “Praetorian Guard” — well that is downright funny. You can’t even get your logic straight. A Guard is a defense. You claim Obama played offense. Can you point to a single victory that Obama or any of his supporters claimed during his administration? Was a suit brought against Obama where he used federal resources or directed federal obstruction thereof? As the accuser, you should bring forth some evidence, Kent.
            Oh that’s right. You’re just a partisan hack. You ignore the Trump lies, obstructions of justice, and his revolving door of cabinet and Justice Department officials. You willfully deny the obvious fact that Trump’s primary qualification to work in the administration is to swear undying loyalty to the Trump Organization, not to the Constitution of the US. Trump when asked couldn’t even recite any part of the Constitution.

            The Patriot Act, which Obama did mistakenly renew, was pushed through by Bush and is highly endorsed by Trump. So stop pretending that the Feds are doing anything that both corrupt parties don’t wholeheartedly endorse.

            If you’re going to be a partisan stooge and claim the other team is a bunch of lawbreakers (and they probably are), why can’t your team bring forth anything other than pep rally cheers? You offer no evidence and the ReThugs haven’t brought suit.

            Dumbocrats of a prior generation brought down lying crook Nixon. Too bad they’re too spineless to bring down lying crook Trump.

            1. “Dumbocrats of a prior generation brought down lying crook Nixon. Too bad they’re too spineless to bring down lying crook Trump.”

              Yes, I totally agree with you “Dumbocrats” is indeed ACCURATE present day more than ever.

              What brought down Nixon was the media reporting that caused Republican leaders to fanatically visit him in the White House fully pulling their support in public. Had the spineless Republicans of the time stood by him like the corrupt “Dumbocrats” during the Clinton impeachment, Nixon would have served out his term.

              History has clearly shown the party of honesty and dishonesty and your team loses, big time…

        1. That actually brings more credence to Fox … at least they are not in ‘absolute bias’ mode! They present different point of views ( even with the particular point of view, imo, being very shortsighted.. never the less ) unlike the other top watched propaganda networks dogmatic approach.
          Ps.. now you must agree the choice of the word ‘accidentally’ in you response is intended for a deliberate negative spin. Completely unfounded and based on total conjecture and intention to ridicule . 🤦‍♂️ And there lies the rub .

            1. So the mindless down voting libtards are pro active, fine.

              Take this to the bank. I could not care less and thanks for making me stronger…

      1. Exactly right! Since the Trump insurance Deep State operatives failed and the crowning moment was when he put his hand on the Bible to take the oath of office…

    2. Truth tends to be the opposite to the view of those we dont like, it’s not an exact science where humans are concerned expecially when the questions are particularly complex and when as commonplace very bright people disagree with each other. Far easier to stick to prejudices be it in Media or our responses to that media. Hey MDN is a wonderful example of this process even as it condemns it.

  2. Shortsighted analysis. Tariffs are a tax passed onto the customer and considering the most of the benefits from that reckless tax cut when to the wealthy, the burden of these tariffs will be carried by the middle class. And once that burden hits, choices will be made; choices deciding between the essential and the secondary. And the network effects will echo through the economy.

    Fake president wields tariff power like a boy swinging a Zweihander; clumsily at best, dangerous at worst.

  3. “The extra costs paid by importers, and consumers,”
    Yes. Exactly. By everyone in the US — NOT by China, like President Senile was making out.

    “It wasn’t long ago the media was complaining because Trump was cutting taxes.”
    Yes, because nearly all the cuts went to those who alreaody have most of the money.

    “Now it’s complaining he’s raising them.”
    Yes, because the working class, the middle class and small business will have a considerable tax hike. Companies like Amazon will probably pay no taxes again. The oil companies will continue to be massively subsidized by the taxpayer, in addition to paying a lot at the pump.

    Gawd, that’s not even GOOD spin doctoring.

    “I write this, incidentally, as someone who is no fan of the president.”
    Yeh, sure. That sounds like the trolls who declare, “I’m been an Apple fan for 20 years, but now……”

    1. Indeed, this is some pretty lame spin, as it fails to articulate why the tariffs were being enacted in the first place, and just what is the policy change. And this applies in Spades to the saber-rattling on EU tariffs reportedly now back in play too – just what, pray tell, is the EU doing to the US which is so offensive? And keep it directly to business and trade, not political disagreements.

      1. Read an interesting article last week detailing why US pharmaceutical prices are so high. It’s likely because other countries (think Europe and Canada) tell US drug manufacturers to either provide lower cost products to their countries or they will simply allow their manufacturers to produce low cost generics. Seems like blackmail or the theft of intellectual property. As a result, the US, as the largest developer of pharmaceutical products has to charge its customers more in order to cover the costs. Name another effective means of coercing bad actors to play fairly, other than the threat of tariffs. As some who served at an HQ level in Europe, I’m also fully aware of how poorly NATO nations fund their militaries – just do a cursory search on European readiness rates (No German submarines capable of deploying, the German Army practicing with maneuvers with broom sticks because no rifles were available, Italian conscripts forces to provide their own cold weather gear, etc, etc, etc, etc…). Another example is my son, an engineer working for a Swiss company in the US. The Swiss engineers have no problems coming to the US to work. Do you think American engineers have the same opportunities to work in Switzerland? Or in any European country? The bottom line, I have no problem with Trump using tariffs to encourage countries to level the playing field or to stop getting free-rides at our expense – so be it. In geo-politics, you have to play hard ball, period. For the last several decades, we’ve been playing the very ineffective game of “kinder, gentler geo-politics. I would strongly oppose Trump’s tariffs if I believed he was doing it, not as a negotiating tool, but as a protectionism.

        1. Is that you Martin Shkreli? I call BS on your US big Pharma take… In the USA big Pharma spends over $25 Billion a year in marketing and advertising- more than on R&D. On top of that, how much do they spend lobbying and corrupting politicians? Do prescription drugs really need to be pushed on the public so shamelessly.

          American engineers can work for an American company in Europe-just visit the John Deere plant in Mannheim Germany and you will find a number of Americans.

  4. Correction: the media is lying to us about pretty much everything at this point. Redactions are less painful than low ratings. That is something that cracked me up regarding Apple News – unless journalism itself becomes ethical again, it doesn’t really matter what they host, and I sure as heck ain’t paying for it. The well itself is currently full of poison, it’d be best not to spray it around.

    1. “The well itself is currently full of poison, it’d be best not to spray it around.” And that is precisely why Alex Jones and his ilk are finding it increasingly difficult to find a platform to spew their poison.

      I’m loving the magazines on Apple News+ on my iPad Pro– totally worth the price of admission to me but I can see how it would be useless to someone who doesn’t like to read or prefers to read things like the daily stormer.

  5. Weak economic insight offered in this article. Let’s say a supply disruption delays one month of iPhone shipments…. what does that do to Apple and Apple consumers? The ripple effects beyond prices are enormous.

    Don’t pretend China feels the same pain. They have >200 other nations to sell their stuff without trade barriers. Apple sources everything from China.

  6. The authoritarian and anti-democratic “resistance” wants Trump to fail at any cost, even if the cost is the suffering of millions of Americans. Afterwards they believe they can institute a new hierarchy, one where the “oppressors” – the white patriarchy – will be at the bottom (perhaps put into camps), and the “oppressed” – women, minorities, lgbtq, sit upon the throne of a new totalitarian regime like the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm, dictating to the people what they can eat, drink, buy, and do.

    1. Pull your head out of your ass and read the Constitution. The POTUS isn’t a dictator, he is subject to Congressional oversight. If he committed a felony, he should be charged. Any honest person from any party should agree to that basic Constitutional truth.

      Trump’s financial irregularities go back decades, the Mueller report redactions apparently point to some ongoing investigation following up on specific reports of Trump paying foreigners during the 2016 election. Congress has the Constitutional duty to find the truth, which is being obstructed by Trump refusing to show his financial records. No matter, federal courts just ordered him to comply with the subpoenas. So don’t pretend there is no justification for the “witch hunt”.

      I recommend you find another white nationalist to run in 2020, because Trump’s corruption is finally catching up with him.

      News flash: America is, and always has been, a multiracial nation. That is why the Constitution, if you had bothered to read it, guarantees equal rights to all minorities, even if they are petulant whining whites. Only your current paranoid POTUS is proud to lock up people into detention camps, NAZI style.

  7. Why the hell is this crap on MDN? I get sometimes politics and tech/apple cross, but i dont even see a mention that relates here.

    I hate blatant partisan posts that have no relation to the subject matter here. If MDN wants to start a PoliticsDailyNews, have at it, but keep this non-tech politics out of here.

      1. Eat me and die. You commie bastards are truly the enemy of the american people. Go elsewhere. Regardless. This article is misplaced and not related to macs or tech IMO.

  8. Maybe trump figure this could be a way to pay for the wall. Let see. 15% on 200bb is 30mm. You can buy a whole lot of wall for that.
    Now let’s assume that the tariff lasts for 2 months. That’s potentially 5bb in a short space of time.
    Way to go Donny boy.

    1. Trump would make more money by taking collections at his fact-free political rallies.

      Odd that someone would bitch about “the media” when spending half of every day watching TV and tweeting, not bothering to read any scientific report or unbiased federal economic analysis of any kind.

      USA continues to drift away from democratic ideals because of corruption in politics and political parties. “The Media” is just a extension of lazy political corporations seeking easy profits from the easily confused sheeple.

        1. Whenever goeber is confrontated with facts about his despicable petulant wannabe dictator Trump, he always brings up Democrats who haven’t been in office for years.

          Hey Goeber, Dubya burned $5 Trillion in Iraq! What about that? What about what about what about……..?????????

    2. @ canine:

      “A wall will not fix this.” — Senator Graham

      … and every other sane American who has seen traitor corporations outsource jobs for decades.

      Maybe instead of giving corporations massive tax cuts Trump should have reformed immigration law.

  9. Gawd! You STILL support this lying, senile fool…

    “I support the Great Lakes. Always have. They are beautiful. They are big. Very deep. Record deepness, right?”
    What is even worse is his stupid body language and intonation as he spouts this drivel. And no, they don’t have “record deepness”.

    Trump just said “my father is German, was German. Born in a very wonderful place in Germany, and so I have a great feeling for Germany.”
    Fred Trump was born in New York.

    “Windmills. Weeeee. And if it doesn’t blow, you can forget about television for that night. ‘Darling, I want to watch television.’ ‘I’m sorry! The wind isn’t blowing.’ I know a lot about wind.” (Fucking idiot.)

    “take a look at the oranges, the orages of the investigation … the orage … … … the beginning of the investigation”

    This brain is rotting away with increasing rapidity.

  10. That actually brings more credence to Fox … at least they are not in ‘absolute bias’ mode! They present different point of views ( even with the particular point of view, imo, being very shortsighted.. never the less ) unlike the other top watched propaganda networks dogmatic approach.
    Ps.. now you must agree the choice of the word ‘accidentally’ in you response is intended for a deliberate negative spin. Completely unfounded and based on total conjecture and intention to ridicule . 🤦‍♂️ And there lies the rub .

  11. I am so tremendous. I am the best businessman. It takes really really good business skills to lose $1.17 BILLION dollars in a decade. I’m going to run the country like my businesses.
    And I have all the best people… so many that I have to give them turns, and can only give most of them a few weeks working with me.
    And I am a genius. Only a genius could pretend to be such an idiot and speak Ingrish so poorly.
    And everyone has such respect for Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s — ah, brain.

  12. A président needs more than just ocuspocus !
    Poor America: the wake up, facing the gaps to fill after Trump’s passage, will be a hard time.
    This “Make America great again” will drive down this land to misery.

  13. I blame CraigsList and eBay. Why?

    News has always been ~50% biased, but once their funding of classified ads was removed they had to reduce their news department cost and increase their ad revenue to survive, thus paid (ie clickbait and fake) news.

  14. Brett Arends takes the biggest piece of false news cake.
    This is not other countries paying for your taxes as Trump would have you believe, This is a tax hike on the American people. Yes, the Republicans are raising your taxes.
    I’m not saying something doesn’t need to be done, I just wish we had someone in the White House who was competent enough to pull it off. We don’t.

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