The best iPhone apps for hiding sensitive photos

“Have some photos on your iPhone that you’d like to keep private?” Sandy Writtenhouse asks for iDownload Blog. “You might let your child use your phone to play a game or let your friend borrow it to make a call. And suddenly, those photos show up on the screen. No! Whatever those photos might include, and we won’t ask, there is a way to make sure that no one can see them.”

“Here are some of the best iPhone apps for hiding photos to keep them away from prying eyes,” Writtenhouse writes.

• Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe
• Secret Photo Album Hide Photo
• Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

“If you have photos that you want to make sure never go any further than your iPhone or iPad, then definitely check out these apps,” Writtenhouse writes. “They each give you great features for free and lots of extras with their in-app purchases.”

Read about what each app offers in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Right now, the best solution is a third-party app, but we’re hoping Apple will just allow us to truly hide and password protect photos and videos right in the Photos app, or even in the Camera app (via, for example, a lock/unlock icon in the Camera app where “locked” signifies that you’re currently shooting password-protected photo/video that will not be shared via My Photo Stream and that will be locked in iCloud Photo Library).

How to hide photos and videos on your iPhone in a locked and private album – August 24, 2017


  1. Apple should implement a full ‘ finder’ level, CORE iOS , user manageable file/folder system with all the bells and whistles and with a consistent UI across the ecosys accessible from all apps for all types of files. ( and remove restrictions from the i/o for external devices).
    As i have suggested for a long long while… maybe call is iOS-Pro. Let it be something users can opt-in or out of if they prefer the present unctionality. I for one am even willing to pay a premium for it. ( additional revenue source for Apple too)

    At the minimum this should be available for the iPads.. its the biggest handicap holding iPads back from being real pro devices for efficient and asset intensive work.

  2. Anyone using a phone (or any mobile device) for taking such pics is a fool. No such is 100% digitally secure. Nor is the “cloud”.

    Use a camera… with two dedicated flash cards. One is used for taking photos. Photos are transferred to the second card which is encrypted. The first card is securely erased and not used for any other photos… or use a cheap card that can be destroyed to make sure that data can’t be recovered. The second card, when not in use, is kept in a secure place like a home safe or safety deposit box in a bank.

    Or, you know… just don’t take “those” kind of photos.

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