How to hide photos and videos on your iPhone in a locked and private album

“So you want to know how to hide photos on your iPhone, eh? Well the iPhone doesn’t really allow you to create a private photo album even though your photos are techincally hidden. Hiding pictures on your iPhone within the Photos app has some big loopholes that makes it easy for someone to find the photos you mean to keep private. Which is why we’ll go over how to hide photos with the built-in ‘private’ photo album, yes, but also how to lock photos away on iPhone so that they are hidden behind a passcode,” Conner Carey writes for iPhone Life. “We consider this the way to really, truly hide photos on iPhone. But for even more security, you can also use an app to hide photos in a secret photo album on iPhone.”

“Hidden photos on iPhone are simply put in the Hidden photo album, which isn’t private or password protected. Anyone who looks through your photos will still be able to find the supposedly hidden private photo folder on your iPhone. If that’s okay with you, the first part of our article will show you how to hide photos on iPhone,” Carey writes. “But if you really want those pictures hidden, we recommend using the second part, which will show you a way to really, truly hide photos on iPhone from prying eyes using the Notes app to make a private picture folder on your iPhone.”

“Note that you can’t currently lock Notes containing videos, so if you want to know how to hide videos on iPhone,” Carey writes, “you’ll need to skip down to the section on apps that hide photos on iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s pretty convoluted to do this with Photos and Notes. Right now, the best solution is a third-party app, but we’re hoping Apple will just allow us to truly hide and password protect photos and videos right in the Photos app, or even in the camera app (via, for example, a lock/unlock icon in the Camera app where “locked” signifies that you’re currently shooting password-protected photo/video that will not be shared via My Photo Stream and that will be locked in iCloud Photo Library).

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