Beleaguered Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch after test units break

“Samsung has delayed the release of the Galaxy Fold past the original April 26 launch date, the company told CNBC in a statement,” Todd Haselton reports for CNBC. “Samsung said that the Galaxy Fold ‘needs further improvements’ before it releases the phone to consumers, and that it will continue to evaluate feedback it received from reviewers and further test the phone. Samsung said it will announce a new release date ‘in the coming weeks.'”

“The Galaxy Fold is the first foldable phone to launch in the United States, but early review units, including one tested by CNBC, were breaking,” Haselton reports. “After just two days of use, the screen on CNBC’s test unit began flickering and then stopped working completely.”

Haselton reports, “Samsung began taking preorders for the $1,980 Galaxy Fold earlier this month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Galaxy Fiasco.

Karma. She is one beautiful bitch!

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  1. Did Apple recall all MacBook Pros once keyboard faults were reported? How about those overheating i9 MacBook Pros were they recalled?

    No, Tim Cook’s Apple tried to tell everyone it was just a small number of units. No product recall and consumers are forced into a class action suit to get recompense. Shabby keyboard from a shabby company.

    Samsung are doing what a decent company would do, once an issue is discovered do a product recall/not actually release it. You can’t complain when a company does right by consumers.

    Let’s wait for this year’s iPhone before throwing the word ‘beleaguered’ around. Apple is fast running out of ideas to keep its cash cow alive.

    1. That is possibly the most positive spin that anyone could apply to the Samsung Fold fiasco.

      Your Apple examples should be compared to the Samsung Note, not the Fold. Those events involved a large number of units that had already been shipped when the problems arose. In this case, the Fold is premature turd that can easily be flushed before having any significant impact in the retail sector.

      You are also missing the point – this appears to be a failure issue which would have turned up in casual testing, not some obscure confluence of technical issues.

    2. Ah, no. Samdung are not doing this as a good will gesture or because it’s a “decent” thing to do. They’re doing this because of the obvious bad publicity, potential lawsuits, and to avoid what will already be a flop of a device.

      And I’m happily awaiting the next iPhone, because, you know, last year’s iPhone was a great device, as was the year before, and the year before that. I could recall Samdung’s Premium exploding phone offering from ONLY 2½ years ago, but that would be a bit petty… oh well! 😉

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