How to make your Mac more energy efficient

“April 22 is Earth Day!” Jay Vrijenhoek writes for Intego. “Fun fact: each year Apple retail stores color the Apple logo’s leaf green in celebration.”

“Earth Day is all about awareness of our environmental impact, and as the saying goes, it starts with you,” Vrijenhoek writes. “Today is a great day to learn how to better care for the environment—and, as a side effect of increased energy efficiency, you may even save money in the process.”

Vrijenhoek writes, “By tweaking your Mac’s settings, and perhaps fine-tuning some of your hardware, you can run a more energy-efficient system and do your bit for Earth Day (and every day thereafter).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Cleaning out the dust from inside your Mac can really help with fans that spin up more often to keep things cool!


  1. I make my MBP 13 more efficient by keeping it plugged in all the time.. then it only uses the power I use when I am using it,, not charging the battery which takes more power than what the computer needs to run.. I close all programs that I am not using or need open so they are not spinning the CPU in the background.. I avoid websites that have too many ads that suck up power for no reason.. OOPS… Gotta go… 😉

  2. The best thing for keeping my MBP’s fan off is using Brave instead of Chrome or Firefox. I also use Safari sometimes, but the broader selection of extensions keeps me in the Chromium ecosystem. The Brave version is fast because it blocks all the stuff you don’t want to load. This has meant my computer stays much, much cooler than before. I love it!

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