Apple’s Siri Shortcuts may just be misunderstood

“You may not use Siri, Apple’s voice and digital assistant, but, like an eager-to-please deputy, Siri is paying attention to your habits and busily creating shortcuts in the background that it thinks could make your life easier, or at least a little more automated,” Lance Ulanoff reports for Medium.

“When Apple introduced Siri Shortcuts at its 2018 World Wide Developer Conference, it wasn’t exactly the Siri overhaul we were looking for,” Ulanoff reports. “More problematically, Apple introduced a confusing Shortcuts app that, at first blush, came across as a sort of erector set for more complex Siri Routines.”

“Coming at the home and life automation game through your phone and existing actions is virtually the opposite approach of how Amazon and Alexa passively wait for you to add in skills based on the hardware and routines you add to your home and life,” Ulanoff reports. “It’s Apple taking advantage of its dominant position (over Amazon and Google) in the smartphone space and, perhaps, is a path to success for Siri and Apple in the smart home and automated life game.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Hey Siri, make an espresso.” And she does. (Read the full article!)

Don’t look now, but Siri really is waking up from a Van Winkle-esque period of dormancy and becoming much more useful and capable!

Fire up your Shortcuts app this weekend and make Siri do cool things for you! And see apps that support Siri Shortcuts here.

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  1. Am I the only one that thinks shortcuts is fucking stupid?

    Shouldn’t these mostly be things we can ask siri to do without having to program a gd shortcut? I guarantee that less than 0.1% of iOS users use shortcuts.

    How does siri keep getting a pass for still being a piece of shit after 6+ years in development?

  2. I just looked in the shortcut app and one of the shortcuts is asking siri to take a picture.

    How the fuck is siri not able to do this without a “shortcut.”

    Pathetic, Apple.

    1. “Siri, take a picture” without a shortcut brings up the camera app and waits for you to focus on what you want to image. Sorry that’s too f’ing complicated for you.

  3. Interesting article. I wonder if Siri would receive and communicate to the user any errors that occur in fulfilling the request.. Taking the espresso example, would Siri tell the user that the coffee cannot be made if there is insufficient water, missing coffeegrinds/k-cup, no cup under the spout, etc.

  4. There should be an option for Siri to learn these shortcuts from my behaviour in using the device. I have no interest in creating shortcuts manually with an app, it should be a seamless part of the OS, what’s the point in having machine learning otherwise?

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