Nike’s Android app is bricking its Adapt BB self-tying shoes; iPhone app works fine

“Nike released the Adapt BB, its tech-infused sneaker [US$350], on Sunday during the NBA’s All-Star game, along with an app that can control the shoe’s fit and light-up colors,” Alfred Ng reports for CNET. “You’re able to loosen and tighten the sneakers through two buttons on the sneaker’s side, but Nike executives talked up the app experience, saying that it would also help you with your fitness activities in the future.”

“But for people using Android, the app for the self-tying sneakers hasn’t been a perfect fit. Multiple reviews for the Nike Adapt app on Google’s Play Store said that it hasn’t connected to the left shoe, and an update rendered the sneaker’s main feature useless,” Ng reports. “‘The first software update for the shoe threw an error while updating, bricking the right shoe,’ Asa Domolky, a reviewer, wrote on the app.”

“The iOS version of the app has had less trouble, with over 150 reviews and mostly positive experiences,” Ng reports. “The Android app’s issues have Jonathan Warner, who ordered a pair of Adapt BBs, worried that he’ll mess up the $350 shoes… He said he’s been asking his friends to borrow an iPhone to connect his sneakers when they arrive. ‘I’m afraid to set mine up when they come, that’s why I need to borrow an iPhone,’ Warner said in a direct message. “I’ve made some bad life decisions, I think.””

The Nike Adapt BB has a near-symbiotic relationship with its digital app thanks to opt-in firmware updates.
The Nike Adapt BB has a near-symbiotic relationship with its digital app thanks to opt-in firmware updates.

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MacDailyNews Take: Android fails yet again.

“That’s why I need to borrow a [real] iPhone.” TFTFY.

“I’ve made some bad life decisions.” That much is sure.

This is really a non-story, though, as only a handful of cheapskate fragmandroid settlers are going to fork over $350 for a pair of sneakers.

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