Loup Ventures: There are now 383 million Apple Pay users, up 135% year-over-year

“We estimate, based on our survey work as well as the growth in transactions, countries, locations, and banks, that 43% of global iPhone users have enabled Apple Pay. This is up from 36% in Sep-18 and 20% in Dec-17,” Gene Munster and Will Thompson write for Loup Ventures. “That implies there are currently 383M Apple Pay users, up 21% sequentially and 135% y/y. We believe this growth is fueled in part by the launch of peer to peer payments in Jan-18.”

“We also estimate, based on the number of active countries and number of use cases within those markets, that 12% of Apple Pay users are in the US, and 88% of users are international. For reference, we believe 21% of active iPhones are in the US,” Munster and Thompson write. “We estimate that 24% of US iPhone users have used Apple Pay vs. 47% of international users.”

Munster and Thompson write, “While Apple Pay likely won’t have a measurable impact on Services revenue growth, the model, enabled by Apple’s treatment of user privacy, lays the groundwork for handling other sensitive data and bringing ease of use to areas like healthcare.”

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  1. Upon gaining 117,000 more apple users to bring the count to 500,000 apple users Loup Ventures will suddenly declare their servers were breeched and a
    significantly or all of its Apple user personal data was
    illegally accessed. Isn’t that how it always goes?

  2. Apple shareholders must now grasp for straws as they’re now being faced with supposedly massive iPhone sales declines in 2019. It’s rather unreasonable to trade dollars for pennies but that’s what ApplePay represents in the absence of iPhone sales.

    Yes, we should realize how ApplePay will have an insignificant amount of impact on Services revenue. Wall Street certainly knows well about this ugly truth.

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