Apple’s iOS dominates as mobile platform of choice for corporate America

“Piper Jaffray recently did a survey of 110 chief information officers across 10 different industries and found that Apple is gaining market share, as iOS is the preferred operating system for mobile in business,” Sibile Marcellus reports for Yahoo Finance. “‘iOS (Apple) maintained its significant share lead of mobile platforms supported with 50%, compared with closest competitor Android at 29%, down 5 [percentage points],’ Piper Jaffray analysts wrote. Windows came in third place at 19%, with Blackberry trailing behind at 1%.”

“More than half of survey respondents – 54% – said their company distributes iOS devices to their employees, up from 49% in Piper Jaffray’s last survey, and significantly ahead of the 28% that supply Android devices,” Marcellus reports. “CIOs from the investor call Piper Jaffray recently hosted indicated that employees prefer Apple products. ‘Apple’s iPhone is the primary BYOD choice for their workforce. One of the CIOs pointed to an ongoing uptick in spending on tablets for both field and corporate employees, for which they have standardized on iPad,’ the analysts wrote.”

“CIOs plan to increase their investment in Apple products over the next year, according to the survey: 54% of respondents will spend more on Apple’s iOS, up from 48% in 2018,” Marcellus reports. “That 54% is way ahead of Android, the next closest competitor, at 22% – 5 percentage points lower than last year’s survey… It’s good news for Apple, since 64% of the surveyed CIOs indicate their budgets will increase, a 2.1% increase from last year.”

Read more, and see the graphs, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: BlackBerry. Heh.

If your company is still doling out BlackBerrys or, for that matter, privacy-trampling, insecure Android devices, you need a new company.

Anyway, for Apple, this is more excellent news for Wall Street to ignore.

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