Apple said to be developing new 7th gen. iPod touch, next-gen iPhones could switch to USB-C

“According to a new report from supply chain blog Macotakara, Apple could be in the process of developing a revised iPod touch,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Further, the report says the 2019 iPhone might make the jump to USB-C, just like the 2018 iPad Pros.”

“Details on what changes a new iPod touch might feature are unclear at this point, but it is long overdue for an update,” Miller reports. “The 6th generation iPod touch was released in 2015 and Apple continues to sell it for $199 with 32GB of storage.”

“The report goes on to say that the 2019 iPhones ‘might’ make the switch to USB-C, following in the footsteps of the 2018 iPad Pros,” Miller reports. “Further, Macotakara says that ‘those who are working on’ the iPhone’s USB-C transition indicate it has not yet reached the reference design stage. This could suggest that the transition will miss the 2019 iPhone refresh.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With iPad Pro having already made the move, it makes sense to go USB-C with iPhone, too. One might age that iPhone should have led the way. If that had happened last year, all of Apple’s iOS top-end devices would be united on USB-C. Hopefully, they won’t miss moving iPhone to USB-C this year, too.


  1. I’ve always thought the iPod touch should be more regularly updated than it is . . . it’s also a place where the company could push the envelope on it’s desire to lead the way in thin and light. I think people have generally reached a consensus that iPhones are thin enough and battery life should be a higher focus than it is. Let the touch be the creative thin outlet for the designers where they can show off just how innovative Apple can be on that front. If nothing else, it might lead to compelling companion devices for adults and super cool gadgets for kids and everyone else. Apple gets its thin and light bragging rights and the rest of us get some battery life for a device that really needs to get 15-20 hours of use without the fear of dying or the need to find a power source.

    1. Whatever Apple does with the iPod, it will be focused on services consumption first and foremost. Just because, that’s what they’ve been doing recently. Maybe they intend it as a remote for these new TV’s with Apple Music baked in?

  2. The iPhone couldn’t have been first because if they use USB-C, they have to adopt the standard and the standard didn’t include any protections for Mfi devices. Now that the standard DOES include authentication protection, I see less of a reason why they couldn’t.

  3. I love my iPod Touch. Moreso than my iPhone. It’s small, fits in my pocket and far more useful than an Apple watch (I don’t use the health apps). I use it as a remote control to my iMac (VNC) as well as play music. Though I have noticed the 4th gen iPod, in a very subtle way, sounds better for music.

    The iPod touch probably should have been updated with a newer cpu at least a year ago.

    However, if they drop the headphone jack in the iPod touch, it will be a no go.

  4. “Might”? The moment Apple shipped an iPad without a lighting port, they devalued the whole rest of their product line. Lightning was introduced with so much promise; it was a super port that could do anything. In practice it did nothing but act as a non-standard USB.

    I used to be such an Apple fan, but I’m just sick to hell of them now.

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