Tons of new HomeKit gear is landing this year as adoption quickly accelerates

“HomeKit adoption is quickly accelerating, with an unprecedented number of accessories slated to hit the market in 2019,” Andrew O’Hara reports for AppleInsider.

“One of the biggest announcements out of CES 2019 is support for HomeKit coming to televisions,” O’Hara reports. “Three major brands (Sony, LG, VIZIO) announced imminent support with tons of new HomeKit controls.”

“One of the more unusual Apple-related announcements out of CES is that Kohler’s “intelligent toilet,” the Numi 2.0, is gaining support for HomeKit and even Siri commands,” O’Hara reports. “Owners can ask Siri to heat the toilet’s seat and control its multi-color lighting, Kohler representatives told AppleInsider. The Numi 2.0 also features bidet and dryer functions and built-in speakers with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.”

Many more new HomeKit-enabled products covered in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, the flood of HomeKit devices was a long time coming – it feels like this is where we should have been last year, at the latest – but, it’s sure great to finally see HomeKit’s promise beginning to be realized!

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    1. Homekit is as dead as L. Ron Hubbard.

      The reason why is because SIRI is developmentally disabled… in plain English, fucking retarded.

      Unless you actually want a “wonky” automated home setup, why would you ever consider this platform?

      There are far better options out there.

        1. @Jimbo

          At least I knew the original iPhone was a flagship (8 and 4GB models offered), and not some ignorant Tim Cook apologist constantly talking out his ass.

          Then again, we’ve grown to expect nothing more or less from you Jimbo. You’re a foaming at the mouth jackass nutjob.

  1. It is nice to finally see some movement on the HomeKit front. Apple could have owned the market but due to poor leadership and priorities they are just really arriving at the marketplace about two years late.

  2. Too late to the game. Homekit was an afterthought for apple and now it’s just a hobby.

    Apple abandons hobbies after a few years after the don’t understand why they are getting no traction.

    What does homekit offer apple? Really nothing so expect it to be gone and the consumer left holding the bag.

    1. Well my home is automated trough use of HomeKit and Homepod.
      (Though the AppleWatch and the iPhone can easily handle it too, but Homepod takes it to a better level of convenience)

      What does Apple get out of it?
      Comprehensive ecosys.. which serves customers like me and makes Apple ecosys stickier !

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