Google CEO Pichai denies company’s political bias in congressional hearing

“Google’s chief executive officer Sundar Pichai rejected claims of political bias against conservatives while emphasizing the American roots of the internet company in his first-ever appearance before Congress,” Jessica Guynn reports for USA TODAY. “Again and again, Pichai stressed during the Tuesday hearing that Google operates ‘without political bias,’ as Republican lawmakers hammered him over allegations that the search engine manipulates results to show conservatives in a negative light or suppresses the viewpoints of right-leaning voices.”

Alphabet Inc. executive chairman Eric Schmidt wearing staff badge at Hillary Clinton "victory" party on election night
Alphabet Inc.’s then-executive chairman Eric Schmidt wearing staff badge at Hillary Clinton “victory” party on election night, Tuesday, November 8, 2016
“Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, signaled the hearing’s focus on political bias in his opening statement, raising allegations that Google’s search algorithms favor ‘the political party it likes, the ideas it likes or the products it likes,'” Guynn reports. “Rep. Jerry Nadler, the top Democrat on the panel, fired back, calling charges of censorship ‘fantasy’ and part of a ‘right-wing conspiracy theory.'”

“A number of other questions from the House Judiciary Committee centered on Google’s massive collection of personal information, raising the issue of whether American consumers should consent to it, rather than forcing them to opt out of it,” Guynn reports. “Of particular interest to lawmakers was whether consumers understand how much and how often Google’s mobile Android operating system and Google apps collect data about their location. Pichai told lawmakers Google offers users controls to limit that kind of data collection but sidestepped questions on how Google exploits that data to sell advertising. He avoided making any commitments to altering Google’s privacy policies during the hearing that ran more than three hours.”

“President Donald Trump and his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, have accused Silicon Valley companies of liberal bias that has led to the suppression and censorship of conservative voices,” Guynn reports. “In August, Trump claimed search results for ‘Trump News’ were ‘RIGGED, for me & others, so that almost all stories & news is BAD​.’ Google has repeatedly denied any political bias in Internet search results.”

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“Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, said in an email to employees on Friday that the company has never and will never bias its search results for political purposes,” Kate Conger reported for The New York Times in September.

“Mr. Pichai’s message followed a report in The Wall Street Journal this week about an internal email thread from early 2017 in which Google employees discussed President Trump’s travel ban, enacted by executive order shortly after his inauguration,” Conger reported. “On an internal email thread at Google, employees discussed the possibility of including pro-immigration content in search, according to The Journal [Google Workers Discussed Tweaking Search Function to Counter Travel Ban – WSJ, Sept. 20, 2018].”

“‘Recent news stories reference an internal email to suggest that we would compromise the integrity of our Search results for a political end. This is absolutely false,’ Mr. Pichai wrote in the email, which was obtained by The New York Times,” Conger reported.

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  1. Wonder when they’ll issue the indictment for him lying to congress, its so obvious they are biased, its not remotely hard to see with any political related search..

  2. Heard on the news this afternoon the Google CEO was questioned WHY when using Google images the search word entered is ‘idiot’ pictures of President Trump top the results. The best part is the CEO could not answer the question and has NO CLUE. Gee, what a surprise. Yet earlier in his testimony repeatedly claimed no political bias. No bias, yeah right. For as much as I abhor government regulation, this is long overdue. And what are the Democrats on the committee saying? NOTHING. Hey, this gives us an unfair monopoly advantage in election season, so mum is the word. Not a surprise there either. When they defended that womanizing, cheating, intern sex on the job, LYING impeached Bill Clinton — they lost any shred of credibility. MeeToo, you have much work to do…

        1. Indeed, it is good of you to confirm that Faux does not report news. It feeds propaganda from completely biased talking heads. College dropout Hannity’s only professional qualifications include working as a house painter and spouting fact free opinions on radio, books, and TeeVee. Clearly it doesn’t take brains or logic to fire up the Trump base. One wonders how much Hannity takes under the table from agents that want to divide the nation and “aid” the Trump circus.

        2. “Your mistake is thinking Hannity is a “news anchor.”

          FactChecker? You would not know facts if it hit you between the eyes. Sean Hannity is the most highly rated news anchor BY FAR on cable news. You confuse him with Don Lemonade, Wolfie Blitzed and Rachel Madcow…

  3. Of course Google is biased. Their algorithm determines what results show up first. Humans built the algorithm. Humans are inherently biased.

    This isn’t hard to fathom and only an idiot CEO would claim there is no bias.

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