Can foldable phones help Samsung copy Apple?

“People are holding on to their phones for longer. That’s a big headache for Samsung Electronics,” Jacky Wong writes for The Wall Street Journal.

“Sector leader Apple has managed to boost revenue despite stagnant unit sales in the past couple of years by raising prices,” Wong writes. “Other smartphone makers — lacking the walled garden of Apple’s iOS operating system — have found that trick harder to pull off.”

“The question for smartphone makers other than Apple is: What will get consumers, especially those in developed markets, to pay up for new models?” Wong writes. “Samsung thinks the answer lies in phones with screens that can fold up like books.”

“The problem: these phones will be pricey,” Wong writes. “IHS Markit estimates they could cost about $2,000 each.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of who’s first, only Apple will do it right and reap the spoils as usual. Premium smartphone users do not use insecure Android on dog-slow hardware. They use high-performance Apple A-series-powered iPhones running iOS.

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  1. I seem to recall the Apple has several patents on folding screen tech. It will be interesting to see if Samscum can offer a competing technology or will try to get away with stealing Apple’s IP again.

    1. It is more likely Apple is the one that has to worry about infringing on Samsung’s foldable display tech patents since they’ve been working on it with several patents filed over the last decade or so vs Apple’s patents filed within the last year or two. The most likely outcome is Apple buys flexible displays from Samsung and has one more sticky piece of Samsung they choose to accept.

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