IBM to assist Brazil’s Banco Inter to integrate 1,000 Apple Macs

“International Business Machines Corporation’s IBM Services were recently selected by Banco Inter. Notably, Banco Inter has been touted as Brazil’s ‘first fully digital bank,'” Zacks Equity Research writes via Yahoo Finance. “With the collaboration, the Brazilian bank attempts to make migration of its workplace platform to Apple’s Mac operating system seamless.”

“Banco Inter’s client base of 1 million can be attributed to its facility of free checking account. In fact, the bank is also witnessing increasing new accounts of almost 4,500 per day. These factors have compelled the bank to digitize its financial services,” Zacks writes. “Consequently, Banco Inter has acquired 1,000 Macs and teamed up with IBM Services. Per the deal, IBM’s Managed Mobility Services for Mac will support the bank to upgrade its software, run multiple devices, and integrate the financial apps into the Apple infrastructurein an organized and secure method.”

Zacks writes, “We believe IBM’s partnership with Apple (since 2014) enhances Banco Inter prospects to tap into the benefits of Mac OS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart choice, Banco Inter.

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  1. Wow!!!! I’ve been waiting for this to happen (used to be in the banking industry). I saw so many klunky, legacy apps that weren’t designed for the modern age. That the bank wants it to run on Macs will make it look like a bank for a new generation.

    And with IBM’s backing. This is pretty cool.

  2. 1,000 Macs is a nice start but it’s really just a drop in the bucket compared to the number of units companies like Lenovo or HP are supplying to enterprise customers. Apple really doesn’t get what it takes to move computer hardware.

    1. macnifi — in 2018, phones and tablets ARE “computer hardware”. About two thirds of our customers engage with our company to get quotes, ask questions, and purchase by phone or tablet… and most of these are phones.
      And since I am in sales, I know this is similar for many, many, many other companies.

  3. You have to start somewhere. The fact that the Bank’s brand as a forward thinker is contributing to huge new account openings which is a key metric for banks. You can’t set that kind of brand if you have a clunky black box sitting on the desk.

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