Compared: 2018 iPad versus the Acer Chromebook 11 in the school

“Apple’s new iPad is billed as, among other things, an attempt to recapture some share of the education market, one currently dominated by cheaper Chromebooks,” Stephen Silver writes for AppleInsider. “Apple has of late been falling behind its rivals when it comes to getting its products into schools. According to stats released by Futuresource Consulting last month, 58 percent of the K-12 computing devices market is currently held by Chromebooks, compared with 22 percent for Windows devices and 19 percent Apple (of which iPads are 14 percent and Macs five percent.)”

“One of the leading Chromebooks, the Acer Chromebook 11 has been around for several years, but the latest edition was unveiled at CES in January before arriving on the market this month,” Silver writes. “As Apple is continuing its push into the educational marketplace, how does the new iPad compare to the Acer Chromebook 11, one of the leading Chromebooks?”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, the good and/or rich schools will have Apple Macs and iPads and the rest will settle for the lower-priced test-taking machines.

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      1. My daughter’s school is finishing their third year with inexpensive Acer Chromebook 11’s going home with middle school students. They’ve had 4% fail so far. They are tough, fast, and are not used for testing– (that’s done in the iMac lab).

  1. What a complete crock. No comparison at all in areas where iPad is really lacking: administration and device management. To the point that technicians / admins / managers want nothing to do with iPads because of how much trouble and pain they are to administer and manage, one by one. Remove the student’s photos, one user at a time and one image at time.

    1. All you have to do is use Apple Configurator to distribute and manage multiple images… we do it every day. Please don’t say things that are patently false just because you don’t know how to do it.

    2. Besides Apple’s solutions, there are many 3rd party MDM solutions which automate this kind of thing. Which anyone who really knows anything about the situation already knows.

  2. “The good and/or rich schools have iPads” as if good and rich go together. Ever heard of privilege?

    MDN comes across as quite arrogant and condescending.

  3. MDN, your denigrating attitude toward Apple’s competition does not help Apple. They’ve ignored Chromebooks for too long. It’s a product which had negligible share in schools six years ago, and look where that arrogant attitude has gotten Apple. I love iPads, but I admire Chromebooks. They actually can do some things better than iPads, such as research a paper, gather multiple sources and citations, add images, drag/drop/copy/paste/proof/edit and click to turn it in with Google Classroom. Yes, you can accomplish that with an iPad, but that can be done much quicker and smoother with a keyboard on a Chromebook than a screen-based keyboard on an iPad. This type of schoolwork forms the basic skills for much of what students will still be doing in higher education in the future. And yes, iPads can do many other things of value, too, that’s not the point. Apple’s ignorance of Chromebook strengths is.

  4. The #iMacPro was released in mid-December. If #Apple is committed to the pro market, I expect this iMac to be refreshed at least twice with new GPUs, before we see this legendary Modular MacPro ‘in 2019′. If this isn’t the case, then it’s the same old Apple pipeline promises.

    1. It is possible I think if Apple decides to lower their margins to 0% for sale to education. Assuming a ‘normal’ (for Apple) 30% margin, $300 for the new iPad would result in a lowered price of $210. Value per dollar it would be a much harder decision for school Administrators.

      Apple simply isn’t ‘hungry’ for the market since it is well ‘fed’ elsewhere.

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