Peddlers of dog-slow Android phones can’t copy Apple’s TrueDepth system; stuck with antiquated fingerprint readers instead

“Smartphone vendors in the Android camp are rushing to incorporate in-display fingerprint recognition technology into their 18:9 all-screen models as they have turned conservative about adopting 3D sensor-based face recognition modules that are too costly to afford, according to industry sources,” Siu Han and Willis Ke report for Digitimes.

“The sources said that Huawei’s Mate 11 flagship smartphone model to be rolled out in second-half 2018 will incorporate Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensing solutions,” Han and Ke report. “Qualcomm has teamed up with Taiwan-based GIS and China’s O-film Tech, both specializing in offering touch screen solutions, to turn out its ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, which are expected to be adopted by more vendors of Android-based smartphones in China and other Asian brands in 2019, the sources indicated.”

Supply chain sources said that the unit cost for 3D sensors adopted by latest iPhone devices hit a high of US$60 as the technology involves substantial efforts in the development of software, hardware and system integration,” Han and Ke report.

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MacDailyNews Take: Smirk.

With each passing year, and especially with iPhone X, it becomes increasingly clear – even to the Android settlers – that the competition has no chance of even remotely keeping up against Apple’s unmatched vertically integrated one-two punch of custom software and custom hardware. The Android to iPhone upgrade train just turned onto a long straightaway, engines stoked, primed to barrel away! — MacDailyNews, September 13, 2017

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  1. Unfortunately if you’ve not used Face ID you wouldn’t know it’s great. Although some people have said Apple’s Face ID ads are ‘cool’ they don’t actually convey factually the advantages of Face ID. Look at that ad with the exploding lockers, how does that Ad convince an android user to plunk down a few hundred dollars more for an iPhone X? what is the factual SELLING POINT of that ad? A girl runs around an lockers explode open… an android person’s (most of whom I believe are not particularly sophisticated) reaction is probably “WTF ??? weird apple ad”.

    Note the hate Apple press is continually attacking the iPhone, even the LINKED ARTICLE states : “coupled with lackluster sales performance of iPhone X devices” (that implies the phones are bad). There are hundreds of negative articles like that And I don’t think the ads adequately changes the perception especially to android users who are probably already prejudiced.

    Steve Jobs understood, first make a great product than MARKET them CORRECTLY.

    (like wise the HomePod ads don’t adequately show the biggest selling point which is the iPhone chip inside that controls it’s multiple speakers to the room conditions . No other speaker has that kind of processing power. The only thing the ads show is music coming out of them… )

    1. down voters, read my post again, I’m not saying FACE ID is bad, I’m saying the ads like the exploding lockers don’t adequately make a selling point especially to android users.

      so you down voters REALLY believe that ad with the girl running around and lockers exploding is going to convince an android user to dump their phone and spend hundreds more to get FACE ID? seriously?


      1. this is what Steve Jobs had with the FIRST IPOD AD:

        — guy enjoying music
        — easily downloads from his computer
        — the click wheel interface !
        — Able to slip it into his pocket and dance
        — ends with tagline 1000 songs in your pocket and Think Different (note tape players like Sony walkman can only play a few dozen at most).

        It covers ALL the selling points in ONE Ad !

        (if you watch it the ad is admitted dated in production quality but this was years ago and Apple had little financial resources, actually almost broke at the time, but the ad works and covers all the points to make person PLUNK down CASH and BUY)

        dear God, I miss Steve Jobs, marketing genius.

        1. I might suggest to you that maybe the ad you are referencing might not be targeted to your or my demographic.

          If you think for a second that these ads are not built, tested and executed from a 100% strategy-based viewpoint, you’re likely mistaken. What’s the strategy? Don’t know, but you can bet it’s been well thought out by a creative team that has the resources to deliver. More importantly, it’s been approved to roll out by Apple’s creative team. And they are literally the best in the business.

          We’ve all questioned Apples’ advertising before, but it consistently holds up as great quality, that adds value to the products and company even if we don’t necessarily see the value in each one.

          1. “might not be targeted to your or my demographic.”

            I was very clear that I said I don’t think the ad would adequately convince Android users.
            So WHERE is the ad that would make an android user who has a ‘supposedly’ top line Android costing less plunk down a few hundred bucks more for an iPhone X? That is the Whole point of my thread in answer to the article and the comments that Android users would be disappointed with in screen finger print sensor — I’m saying they won’t as they have no idea, they haven’t used iPhone X and no ads tell them CLEARLY what is the GREAT ADVANTAGE vs finger print sensor.

            The great advantage Face ID is the SEAMLESS integration of the technology, Face ID removes conscious THOUGHT , it’s whole DIFFERENT EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE , no Face ID ad to my mind adequately conveys this. (Also I can’t even remember an ad that tells the supposedly greater security vs finger print OR that FACE ID is BETTER than Face solutions from Samsung etc. Most android users I’ve met think THEY ARE THE SAME or samsung might even be better! of course samsung sucks but Apple doesn’t advertise that…. ).

            “If you think for a second that these ads are not built, tested and executed from a 100% strategy-based viewpoint”

            so highly trained Apple staffers did perfect with SIRI, the current (2013) Mac Pro, the Apple TV remote, the launch of the first iPad Pro WITHOUT the main selling point : the Pencil etc, etc etc. It’s IMPOSSiBLE because everything Apple ” is “built, tested and executed from a 100% strategy-based viewpoint” ???

            I ASK YOU:
            most Apple fans who have followed Apple for a while can EASILY identify Steve Jobs Ad campaigns, the can picture them in their minds immediately : 1984, Think Different, Mac Pc Guy etc

            so I ask you if CURRENT ads are just as good : PLEASE NAME ME a great Ad CAMPAIGN say 3 years ago under Tim Cook, quickly don’t google it, picture that wonderful ad campaign in your head (I can picture a Mac PC guy ad no problem). So what is the NAME or THEME of that great newer ad campaign ? ?Didn’t it stick in your mind like 1984? Guess not.

            If apple advertising is so good why there apparently so much confusion among apple’s marketing forces as described in various articles.Go google Apple’s marketing news, about the infighting between the in house ad agencies and the outside ones that they use etc.

            Schiller marketing SVP a loyal trouper and great executor of Jobs ideas is actually not a trained marketeer but has a science degree. Jobs was the marketing genius. Not long back Tim Cook hired Tor Myhren head creative of Grey Advertising to become VP of Marketing Communications and as says ‘ reporting directly to Tim Cook’.

            Jobs they say spent the most amount of time after Jony’s lab with the marketing folks. He spent long hours going through every ad program.

            I believe some of the Apple ads today are ‘very beautiful’, ‘artsy’, ’emotional’, but on the whole Apple’s current marketing seems very confused to Jobs days.

            (I am an ex Marketing person. Graduated top in my faculty in University. Was an art director in ad agencies in my twenties. Semi retired in my thirties to live on an island with some money and fully paid off house where I am still now years later. Woke up at noon today and in summer and I walk out my door and look at cruise ships in the harbour. Just came back from a seven week vacation, Asia etc. so I’m not very ambitious but i don’t think I’m completely stupid ).

            1. I apologize for the last part of my post where I seem to be praising myself, it’s just that every time I come with a factually backed argument I’m sort of told “Apple is so big and wonderful” how can you (nobody) dare to criticize them. I’ve been told before Apple they giant Ads guys must be smarter than me Mr ex marketing person, well actually maybe not… (steve Jobs was 1000% better than me at marketing but some of current guys who did like ones who did the ‘apple Genius’ ads of a few years ago…. ? )

              Apple user for decades, aapl investor.

    2. I think Apple is so used to trying to make it’s products simple (and failing at times as in iTunes, etc.) to use they also equally employ simple ads rather than in this day and age giving their potential users the benefit of the doubt and clearly spelling out the advantages. Look at how poorly Apple today advertises the Mac – wait, WHAT advertising?

      So much money to have terrific world beating ads to tout their entire device line and yet they refrain. Sure there are lots of stupid people out there just as the usually brighter Apple targeted audience who really want to know why they should buy a HomePod, etc..

      They need to get away from the brain dead Scientology approach of showing mindlessly happy people (or people playing the faux-cool card) and slick images with catchy music playing in the background and sometimes just spell it out. At least alternate this approach. The “lowdown” vs the “music video.”

  2. If fingerprint readers are antiquated, Apple is selling a lot of antiquated phones.
    Face ID is not secure and no cell phone is worth $1k. Gazelle will buy your working and undamaged iPhone X today for less than $500.

    1. Don’t worry, cheapskate and/or poor man, the next iPhones will cost less and will all offer Face ID, no Home buttons, and no antiquated Touch ID fingerprint readers. Then, when you can afford one, you’ll be able to stop bad-mouthing something you don’t understand out of jealousy.

      1. It has been shown that FaceID does not work as well (more false positives) for young children as their features are relatively more similar than when reaching adulthood. Leaving aside that those users have no access to their own iPhoneX, plans on incorporating FaceID in other devices may run into FaceID being less discerning for the younger crowd in their future Apple devices. The same situation may hold true for the elderly since facial features tend to become more similar in that age group. TouchID may still have a large part to play in future iOS devices IMO as the elderly population increases.

  3. I thought most smartphone users were quite happy with fingerprint readers to unlock smartphones. They claim it’s faster and simply more convenient because your fingers are already on the smartphone.

    I’d hardly call fingerprint readers antiquated because they still work just fine and are quite secure. Apple just prefers to go a different route to kill two birds with one stone. I certainly don’t think most future Android smartphones are going to two have both Face ID and a fingerprint reader which would be quite redundant and costly. If both methods are secure then they should choose one or another and not both. Whatever Apple goes with, I’m sure the Android manufacturers will copy it if they can afford to. Face ID might not be perfect or as fast as a fingerprint reader but I’m sure it will improve over time. Many iPhone users were griping about Apple moving the fingerprint reader to the back to shrink the bezel area, so what else could Apple do. The notch was the result and they weren’t happy with that either.

    Current flagship smartphones are absolutely amazing to me so I never quite understand all the griping about them. I suppose because I grew up in the time of the Sony Walkman these quibbles about such minor things doesn’t make much sense to me. 20 years ago, I could never imagine today’s smartphone in my wildest dreams.

    1. I have heard that for biometrics the new Samsung S9/S9+ supports fingerprint scanning, as well as combined or separate use of Facial ID and Iris scanning. The feature list also lists blood pressure measurement in addition to pulse for the fingerprint reader.

  4. In other words: “we can’t knock this off so let’s start a FUD campaign and hope it works to suppress sales while we buy off the shelf parts from our current supplier and pass it off as ‘innovation’” …… look, this doesn’t work anymore guys, please give it up.

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