New Android malware records ambient audio, fires off premium-rate texts, and harvests files, photos, contacts, and more

“A newly discovered strain of Android malware makes live recordings of ambient audio around an infected device,” John Leyden reports for The Register. “The RedDrop nasty also harvests and uploads files, photos, contacts, application data, config files and Wi-Fi information from infected kit. Both Dropbox and Google Drive are being used as temporary storage by the attackers.”

“Infected devices submit expensive SMS messages to a premium service, enriching crooks in the process,” Leyden reports. “Hundreds of infections related to the malware have been spotted by security firms… Enterprise mobile security firm Wandera discovered the malware.”

“Upon further investigation, Wandera discovered 53+ innocent-looking apps that front-end the malware, as well as an intricate distribution network of 3,000+ hosting locations, used to maximise reach to end-user devices,” Leyden reports. “Apps ranging from business tools to games have been contaminated to carry the malware, according to Wandera. The threat is one of the most advanced examples of Android malware Wandera has seen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Open.” In all the wrong ways.

If you stumbled here from Google with your dog-slow Android POS: Get a real iPhone.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TJ” for the heads up.]


  1. It occurs to me that software security is going to have to get to the point where it is considered irresponsible and therefore illegal to use blatantly insecure, ‘LUSER’ quality software. Defining what’s ‘irresponsible’ will of course be yet-another-excuse for totalitarian BS. But when an operating system is:

    A) A massive malware magnet with consistently vast infections of millions of devices…
    B) Incapable of being updated in a timely manner, if at all, aka FragmAndroid Syndrome

    …You know Android is going to be outlawed in the future, with only masochists and sadists demanding its survival.

    Hey Google! Android is your most evil software ever.

    Yes it is! (O_o) 💩 (o_O)

    1. Android won’t be outlawed, no matter any future outcry by alarmists. It’s easy to see why:

      A) the proportion of infected Android users is less than the total installed base of iOS users (the curse of market share)

      B) upgrading to a new Android unit is cheaper and simpler than updating the OS, from the point of view of both the owner and the manufacturer

      C) Sturgeon’s Law supposes that 90% of anything is crap

      D) there are more masochists and sadists combined than rational consumers (with respect to technology usage)

      E) libertarian principles demand the availability of any product despite its fallibility or even its lethality, and libertarian notions drive politics along the whole spectrum

      1. You mean, it was all a dream? Only a dream?!

        Well, at least we can be well assured that the AI robots won’t off us all. Imagine a perfection oriented robot having to deal with the perfection averse natural world. There, now I can sleep well tonight. 😉

  2. Seems like the novice FireOS and Android users are relatively safe due to their lack of knowledge to toggle “Unknown Sources” on which would allow downloading from sites other than Google Play or Amazon.

    As usual more responsibility is placed on the user when installing Apps as a price for the freedom to choose where to download from.

  3. Apple is SO BAD! Pout. Foot stomp. I’m going buy wonderful Android and Winblows and I won’t ever post my wisdom here again – ever, ever, ever. So there. You’ll be sorry. Pout. Foot stomp.

  4. Well, I mean, stick with Google Play, which has your PSP emulator and terminal program, and you should be fine. … Devin Prater Assistive Technology Instructor

    , Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint instructor certified by World Services for the Blind


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