NPD: Apple’s U.S. HomePod day one preorders beat all other smart speakers’ first day preorders, except Amazon’s $50 Echo Dot

“Earlier this month, HomePod pre-orders began shipping, and as of February 9, excited new owners began receiving their speakers,” Ben Arnold writes for The NPD Group Blog. “HomePod has been one of 2018’s most anticipated products in what has proven to be one of the industry’s most intriguing product categories, and early demand for the speaker did not disappoint. In fact, in the U.S., day one pre-orders of HomePod were higher than all other smart speaker first day pre-orders, except Amazon’s Echo Dot, according to NPD’s Checkout service. With Siri, Apple Music, and HomeKit, Apple has all the necessary integrations to be a success in the smart speaker market.”

“HomePod also represents Apple’s entry into the premium audio hardware market. Apple has made it a point to emphasize the audio fidelity of HomePod, in addition to its smart capabilities; and while the device will surely compete with other premium voice-activated speakers, like Sonos’ One, and Google Home Max, it will also jostle for share with audio heritage brands like Bose, Harman Kardon, and Sony,” Arnold writes. “Apple’s success in audio was on display throughout much of 2017 as AirPods became the top-selling headphone product by year’s end (based on dollars and units2). Further, if taken together, Beats and Apple were the top-selling headphone brand of 2017, accounting for 44 percent of all dollar sales (not just wireless).”

Apple's all-new HomePod
Apple’s all-new HomePod

“Much of AirPods’ success has hinged on the device’s ability to unite different parts of Apple’s ecosystem (in particular Siri and iOS),” Arnold writes. “While HomePod will fill a similar role in Apple households, the new focus on sound quality means Apple is not merely looking to impact smart speakers, but has its sights set on a larger disruption in connected audio.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Comparing Apple’s HomePod to Amazon’s Echo Dot is like comparing a BMW M5 to a Chevy Spark.

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  1. I LOVE Homepod even more than expected. With Apple Music subscribtion you just requ st Siri to play any song you can think of, whether you have downloaded it previously or not. The fidelity is on a par with my old Bose system without having to search for any music. It also plays NPR radio.

    1. Same here. Siri on HomePod far surpasses Siri on any other device. My wife loves the HomePod too. The simple ability for her to fire up HomePod music rather than wrestle with our home theater is a huge plus. HomePod can’t match my surround sound system, but that audio is really excellent in such a small package. Thanks for the tip on NPR radio, that’s great to know.

  2. While I see Apple’s reasoning for leaving out a physical audio-in port, not including one IMO reduces the future proofing of the HomePod as a speaker when competing with other high-end speakers.

      1. The reasoning I see is that it follows Apple’s move to remove and reduce the number of ports to streamline the product and eliminate entry points for water and dust. It also helps to lock users in to using primarily, if not exclusively, Apple products.

        1. Ah, yes I suppose if the reasoning is evil (lock customers out of using global-standard other tech with apple’s kit), then I suppose I do see it.

          Water & dust are not a legitimate reason for excluding the stereo line-in.

  3. Good, now can everyone please just shut up about HomePod being too late, too expensive, too restrictive, too not like the other stuff that’s already on the market?
    Apple always enters markets in its own time in its own way and almost invariably owns the whole thing or at the very least, the most valuable part of it.

  4. Yes, but the trajectory of this device is very similar to iPad, and since the customer base is now exponentially larger than the old days, this thing is going to take a large portion of this nascent market very quickly. The audio is truly astounding, and although Siri can’t answer random silly questions (which apparently is the definition of smart for some reason), she does work very well on HomePod and can always hear you even if the volume is all the way up. It’s pretty remarkable. This is one of those products, like the iPhone & iPad before it that once you use it you won’t go to another brand because it is that much better. I’ve said previously that I’ve tried all of the smart speakers, and found them all to have real problems with audio performance, Bluetooth connectivity, understanding my voice, and randomly rebooting while somehow taking down my WiFi network in the case of the google home (which I didn’t understand why such a huge bug would’ve been allowed to ship, also why it was deliberately ignored by certai influencer types & reviewers). The HomePod will grow over time in capability with software development, but the audio is already damned near perfect, and that’s a huge advantage.

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