“Having two audiophile friends who spend truly terrifying sums of money on their hifi systems, I’ve always said that I’m glad my ears aren’t good enough to appreciate that kind of audio kit,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “However, while I wouldn’t describe myself as an audiophile, my ears do go up to the level of B&O, B&W and Naim’s lower-end speakers. Which means that I was pretty ‘meh’ about the HomePod announcement.”

“I’m sure Apple is right that it offers better audio than other smart speakers, but that’s not really saying much,” Lovejoy writes. “My view was that it wasn’t going to compete with my Sonos Play 5, let alone my more expensive systems, so I was ready to pass.”

Lovejoy writes, “However, three things conspired to persuade me to at least give it a shot.”

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