“I thought it might be time to share some of the commands I think most people will want to use most often with Apple’s HomePod,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “All these commands begin with the phrase, ‘Hey Siri,’ so you might say ‘Hey Siri, play Ray LaMontagne.’ I’ve left the prefix out in the commands below, but please remember to say ‘Hey Siri’ first.”

“The essential music playback commands you’ll use most often are: ‘Play,’ ‘Pause,’ ‘Fast forward,’ ‘Skip track,'” Evans writes. “You can also ask Siri for specific songs/playlists, or music by named artists.”

“Find out what the volume is by asking ‘What volume is this?,’ raise and lower volume by saying those words, or by asking it to set volume to a percentage figure, so you might say ‘Set volume to 30 percent.’You can also choose volume by using increments, sich as turn ‘volume to ten,’ Evans writes. “If you feel the same as I do about David Gray, then you’ll like this feature. When HomePod plays you something you really never want to hear again, you can ask it to ‘never play this song again.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Beyond music, as Evans covers in the full article, you’ll likely find yourself asking Siri on your HomePod for the weather report, to read you the news, for sports scores and information (if you’re into sports), for traffic info, to do some math, for measurement conversions, to translate phrases into different languages, and more!

Siri on HomePod can actually do quite a lot – February 9, 2018