CNET reviews Apple’s HomePod: Strong wireless speaker with awesome sound

“HomePod is no fledgling. It’s been in the works for six years,” Megan Wollerton writes for CNET. “The Apple HomePod produces awesome sound across a broad range of genres, making it stand out particularly compared to the $199 Sonos One, Google’s $399 Home Max and Amazon’s next-gen $100 Echo. Its crazy-fast setup and excellent long-range Siri microphones also make it appealing. ”

“For a compact speaker, the HomePod offers big sound, and in testing I found it pretty much unflappable no matter what kind of music I threw its way. It’s hard to say that about many speakers, regardless of size. From dance pop to guitar rock to orchestral pieces, the HomePod sounded excellent,” Wollerton writes. “Overall I found that the HomePod sounded best placed against a wall or in a corner, which is fine since that’s where most people will probably place it anyway.”

Apple's all-new HomePod
Apple’s all-new HomePod

“As a small wireless speaker, Apple’s $349 HomePod is strong. Its quick setup, impressive bass and far-field ‘Hey, Siri’ listening range make it a worthy centerpiece for a smart home. Its consistent sound quality solidifies it as a great speaker for everyday use, as well for entertaining on special occasions,” Wollerton writes. “If you and everyone else you live with has an Apple device and you’re sold on having an Apple smart home, the HomePod is worth a close look. It’s also a reasonable option if you simply want a smart speaker with superior sound quality. Everyone else should hold off to see if Apple opens up support beyond the iPhone — and Apple Music — so other folks can also take full advantage of the HomePod. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: A good review with a solid 8.0 out of 10 score and a four out of five star rating from CNET -and that’s before multi-room and stereo paring even arrive*!

*Despite six years of development, inexplicably.

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  1. but, shouldn’t it? Except for the Google device, which appears/sounds like a real clunker, for the $$ and so-so functionality, the HomePod should sound better, imo.
    Very glad to read this reviewer describe set-up as fast and Siri’s mike with strong sensitivity range. Beef up Siri’s ability to think with her hearing and add that to the notable skill set.

    I’m all for great sound and I’m intrigued with what features are yet to come, but do we really need another great system on the over-priced end?

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