Apple warns users who created Apple IDs overseas on dodging China’s new data law

“China introduced a new cyber security law on June 1 that imposes tougher controls over data than in Europe and the United States, including mandating that companies store all data within China and pass security reviews,” Cate Cadell reports for Reuters. “Apple announced last year that it will migrate all user data from Chinese iCloud accounts to local servers run by Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Co Ltd (GCBD), which is part of a state-backed infrastructure project overseen by local Communist Party officials.”

“The move is scheduled to happen on Feb. 28, and Apple this week notified users of the shift via emails linked to Chinese iCloud accounts,” Cadell reports. “However, despite earlier assurances by Apple that only local accounts will be affected, five Chinese users who had set up Apple iCloud accounts using U.S. emails, payment methods and addresses said they had received notices that they needed to opt into the transfer or risk losing their data. Their U.S. accounts did not contain any of their Chinese information, they said. ‘As far as they [Apple] know I‘m a U.S. resident with a U.S. address, phone, email and payment details,’ one user in Beijing surnamed Liu, 26, told Reuters. He declined to share his full name in case his secondary account is identified and closed. ‘How could they possibly judge that I‘m a Chinese citizen?'”

“It was not immediately clear how many users in all received these warnings from Apple or how the company identified the users to send the notices,” Cadell reports. “But thousands of users have taken to social media to criticize the firm and crowd source workaround solutions to the new rules, which don’t give users an opt-out option that would allow them to keep their data.”

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MacDailyNews Take: From throwing hammers to kowtowing, 1984 is alive and well in 2018.

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  1. From throwing hammers to kowtowing, 1984 is alive and well in 2018 and is available from the stars and skidmark hole of a terrorist nation in denial. Poor Apple they really need to look at establishing headquarters in a civilized and free part of the world.

    1. It’s sick and sad to watch Apple, the once greatest creative company on the planet, turn into a tyranny and big brother surveillance enabler.

      I’ve been ranting at Apple to get the hell out of China for over a decade. Here we go with the dire consequences of putting up with and sucking up to a criminal nation.

      Actually, the entire world is going to figure out the stupidity of feeding the monster that is the China tyranny. All for the sake of cheap labor and cheap goods. Oops. A blunder that fundamentally wrecks the future. Have fun…

      1. Spot on Derek, but I think that there is value for Apple to be in China, in fact I think that there is value for Apple to be in all nations, even it’s home country and you know I think China looks pretty good compared to their stars and skidmark hole home country.

        1. We depart our thought processes at thinking China’s crime driven government looks pretty good next to the USA’s current, admitted demented, idiocracy. Watch your back at all times with China: Criminal Nation. Beats me why I’m insightful of their thought processes. I just know that I find them to be thoroughly predictable and what I see is a diabolical future ahead with regard to their behavior. But I rant.

          There’s an aerie faerie phantasy that cooking some sort of capitalism into China is going to turn them aside from their totalitarian hell hole (as opposed to excrement hole) ambitions on the world. Nope! The more China is fed the more their master plan is fulfulled. Kind of obvious IMHO.

          As for Apple, they’ve handcuffed themselves to China. I personally have no insight at all as to what that’s going to mean for the company except for the blatant bits where Apple compromises their ethics and folds to the totalitarian hell hole attitude of the Chinese monolithic government. I this respect, I have to bow with great respect to Google (which I rarely do) for simply pulling out of the hell hole.

          But then there’s the Spirit of the Age, which of course we are helpless to change:

          Short-Term Thinking; Long-Term Disaster

          It’s what contemporary biznizz is all about. Get that bu¢k NOW using all means available. It’s why most companies have adopted the attitude of parasites with corresponding suffering on the part of their victims / customers. I call this Irresponsible Capitalism, the kind that not only gives ‘capitalism’ a bad name, but ends up destroying the system in favor of the totalitarian hell hole system brought about by dire ‘socialism’ (which is just another excuse for monolithic power control over the populace, as also found with dire ‘conservatism’. Surprise).


          I hope Brexit smartens up a bit on your island. The Parliament has now locked itself into the deal, good or bad, unless the House of Lords disagrees. I personally would have had the EU evolve into a saner institution rather than have the UK give up on them. But I’m not there and can only sense the situation from inside the echo chamber of the schizophrenic USA.

  2. perhaps the Chinese govt. is smart.

    imagine if USA companies build servers in China to keep data (like bank records , cloud accounts etc) because it’s cheaper or something and USA and China have a break in relations (worse case like war) …. what happens to the data?

    1. perhaps i’m not clear: if those servers in China were built in China to keep the info of USA citizens (because it’s cheaper or something) and then there’s a USA/China break.

  3. nevertheless, the iCloud user case that is the subject of this article does need, and we in the community as well, need to understand how this was able to done: how apple was able to identify this user as a Chinese citizen and therefore despite his otherwise meeting all posted rules for his iCloud account being excluded was able to be swept up in this.

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